A Coates Hire training program achieves a Zero Lost-Time Injury rate.

The Bayswater Power Station in Muswellbrook is the second largest in New South Wales. It is owned by AGL and underwent a scheduled two-week maintenance shutdown before Christmas 2018.

The contractor performing the job – Hamon Australia – employed 100 workers from the local area to manage the shutdown, and the company used Coates Hire for the equipment, which included elevated work platforms, forklifts, telehandlers and lighting towers.

However, the bigger challenge was Hamon’s goal of a perfect safety record on the two week shutdown, says Coates Hire Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Manager, Paul McDonough.

“Shutdowns are notoriously high-risk environments because of the close-quarters, the industrial nature of the work and the amount of tools and mobile plant involved,” says McDonough.

The Coates Hire RTO inducted the 100 workers into the shutdown with a week of training that included classroom teaching and tests, operational programs on the equipment and safety demonstrations and tests.
Using nine trainers and a project manager, Coates Hire RTO trained the workers.

The RTO issued over 150 competencies over the five courses that covered ‘work at heights’, ‘Telehandlers’, ‘Work in Confined Space’, ‘Elevated Work Platforms’ and ‘Forklifts’.

The result on the project was a two-week shutdown involving 125 people and 100,000 working-hours, for a record of Zero Lost-Time Injuries (LTIs).

“We’re very proud of that result,” says McDonough. “There were five ‘slips, trips and falls’ during the project, but not associated with the training provided and they didn't result in lost-time.”

McDonough says Coates Hire RTO is experienced in training for shutdowns and he says that even experienced operators of equipment need refreshers and reminders about how to do the job safely.

“Our philosophy is that nothing is worth doing if it can’t be done safely. It isn't just about avoiding injury to yourself, but the risk you create for the people around you.

“The Bayswater project demonstrates that successful shutdown projects can come in on time and still be safe. When the job is done, everyone should go home without injury. I take my hat off to AGL and Hamon for investing in a safe shutdown.”

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