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Jack Hammer Trolley

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The jackhammer trolley carries the weight of a 16kg concrete breaker. The user is able to maintain an upright position for precise navigation and targeted breaking of concrete and rocks. The trolley mount with anti-vibration frame provides greater comfort for long-term use on the construction site. Workplace health and safety is prioritised by using appropriate jackhammer equipment.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
This product is suitable for builders and employees who prioritise safe work practices. The jackhammer trolley absorbs hammer impacts, greatly reducing physical impact on the operator. Simple to set up and easy to use, this trolley is becoming extremely popular with demolitions experts, builders and project managers who focus on safety.
What is the easiest way to remove tile?

A breaker hammer (jackhammer) will get the job done fast. Coates Hire provides an extensive range of breakers/hammers and jackhammer trolleys suited to light and heavy-duty work. Don’t waste hours or even days chipping away with a chisel to remove floor tiles when you can complete work in a fraction of the time with Coates Hire jackhammer and trolley hire.

How do you use hammer drill to remove tile?

The easiest way is by coupling the hammer drill with a jackhammer trolley. The trolley will ensure targeted hammering by restraining the powerful hammer drill in position. The anti-vibration frame absorbs hammer impacts, providing a more comfortable experience for focussed work.

How much does it cost to remove tile flooring?

Removal of tile flooring is relatively fast with the right equipment on your side and won’t break the bank. An entire floor can be ripped up in only a couple of hours with an appropriate tile smasher, making DIY demolition jobs and jack hammer trolley hire a smart financial move. 
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Jack Hammer Trolley