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Knuckle Boom - Diesel - 15.8M (51.8ft)

Code: 10130
This elevated work platform is Ideal for use as both a conventional boom for straight-up jobs or an angled knuckle boom for safe access in difficult-to-reach spaces. Elevate efficiently and effectively over and around obstacles on a platform capable of carrying a 230kg load. The powerful diesel motor ensures optimum fuel efficiency for outdoor construction work and interior design work prior to building occupation. 
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
This diesel knuckle boom is used by builders, tradies, service persons and construction personnel. Wherever convenient high-reach access is required for building or maintenance, a knuckle boom will help you get the job done safely, in a fraction of the time. Elevated work platform (EPW) ticket training is available.
51ft (15.81m)
Diesel Knuckle Boom Lift
PLATFORM SIZE 1.83m x 0.76m
WEIGHT 7685kg
What is a diesel knuckle boom lift?
A diesel knuckle boom is an elevated work platform for working safely at heights. Diesel powered operation gives the operator full access equipment control while negotiating rough terrain and working from the elevated platform.

What is the difference between a diesel and petrol knuckle boom?
Both diesel and petrol can run combustion engines, although diesel is trusted for its reliability and appreciated as a less expensive alternative to petrol.

What is a knuckle boom lift best used for?
A knuckle boom lift, or articulating boom lift, will give you the height and reach required to work on building exteriors at other at-height work in situations where ladders and scaffolding are unsafe or impractical. 

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Knuckle Boom - Diesel - 15.8M (51.8ft)