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Knuckle Boom - Electric - 8.97M (29.4ft)

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This articulating knuckle boom provides convenient reach into tight spaces while working at heights. Sturdily balanced, easily manoeuvred and with non-marking tyres, the 9.1m-10.6m electric knuckle boom is the answer for elevated indoor work. Zero fuel emissions and quiet operation make this an ideal workhorse for maintenance staff, tradies and service personnel who want to get the job done with the minimum of fuss. 
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
The knuckle boom is suitable for building fit-outs and finishing work, cladding work and other elevated tasks. Accessing ceiling-mounted fixtures and services is a breeze, and safety is prioritised using a knuckle boom. Electric battery innovations provide long-lasting power, an elevated work platform (EPW) ticket training is available.
Performance Data
Drive Speed - Platform Lowered 4.80 km/h / 3 mph
Gradeability - 2WD 25 %
Platform Capacity 230 kg / 507.1 lb
Platform Capacity - Unrestricted 226.80 kg / 500 lb
Swing 350 Degrees
Swing Type Non-Continuous
Turning Radius - Outside 3.10 m / 10.2 ft
Dimensional Data
Ground Clearance 0.1 m / 4 in.
Machine Height 2.01 m / 6.6 ft
Machine Length 5.74 m / 18.8 ft
Machine Width 1.22 m / 4 ft
Platform Dimension A 0.76 m / 2.5 ft
Platform Dimension B 1.22 m / 4 ft
Platform Height 8.97 m / 29.4 ft
Tailswing 0 m / 0 in.
Tyre Size 25 x 7 x 12 Non-marking
Wheelbase 1.65 m / 5.4 ft
General Specifications
Capacity - Hydraulic Reservoir 10.98 L / 2.9 gal
Machine Weight 6990 kg / 15410.3 lb
Reach Specifications
Working Height 10.97 m / 36 ft
Working Outreach 6.77 m / 22.2 ft
Horizontal Jib Rotation 180 Degrees
Horizontal Outreach 6.12 m / 20.1 ft
Platform Height 8.97 m / 29.4 ft
Up and Over Height 4.01 m / 13.2 ft
What is the meaning of knuckle boom?
A knuckle boom is an articulated elevated work platform (EWP) that can reach up and over obstacles for accessing at-height workspaces. In-platform controls allow the user to safely manoeuvre the platform vertically and horizontally.

Where can I use an electric knuckle boom?
An electric knuckle boom can be used indoors or outside. These boom lifts are ideal for indoor areas subject to noise restrictions. Zero fuel emissions make it suitable for use in close proximity to other people, and this smaller boom lift is perfect in areas with narrow access. 

How to drive an electric knuckle boom?
As the operator, you have full control of the electric knuckle boom working height from the work platform. Knuckle boom operator qualifications are attained in a short course overseen by Coates Hire.

What is a knuckle boom operator?
A knuckle boom operator is the person at the controls of the articulating boom from the work platform. Elevated work platform (EWP) qualifications are required for electric knuckle boom hire. 
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Knuckle Boom - Electric - 8.97M (29.4ft)