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Ladder - Extension Aluminium 8 - 10M

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A portable and manoeuvrable means to attain access to high places. This ladder is easy to set up even in limited space indoors or outside, and can be retracted when not in use for convenient transportation. Sturdy aluminium design, special D-rungs, plus large angled rubber block feet make this ladder a safety-first consideration for commercial or home use.
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
8-10m extension potential makes this the go-to ladder for reaching difficult to access spaces and rooftops. Safety features and convenient operation make this aluminium extension ladder the right choice for DIY professionals, renovators, fit-out teams and builders who want to get the job done right first time.
Why are ladders made of aluminium?

Aluminium can be designed and constructed for heavy-duty use yet is relatively lightweight compared to other metals and alloys. Large aluminium extension ladders and telescopic ladders are light enough to be carried by one person. 

How much does the 10m aluminium ladder hire cost?

Purchasing a high quality 10m extension ladder can be cost-prohibitive for many people. The expense of a brand-new multi-purpose ladder may be hard to justify, making 10m aluminium ladder hire from Coates Hire the cost-effective solution. For a fraction of the price of purchasing a new ladder, you can hire a high quality telescopic aluminium ladder, platform ladder or step extension ladder for a day and have the roof cleaned, walls painted, and other tasks completed.

Do aluminium ladders rust?

Aluminium doesn’t rust. These ladders can be used indoors or outside, so if you require folding ladders, expandable steps, work platforms, an attic ladder or other aluminium extension ladder solutions that meet Australian standards, look no further than Coates Hire. 
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Ladder - Extension Aluminium 8 - 10M