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Ladder hoists from Coates Hire are the fast and effective solution to the problem of getting building materials up to high level work sites. Made from lightweight aluminium sections for easy transport, these robust hoists are easy to set up, incorporating optional knuckle sections to carry them across pitched roofs.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Ladder Hoist 240V 150 - 250kg
Ladder Hoist Accessories
Ladder Hoist Base Section
Ladder Hoist Bend Section
Ladder Hoist H Prop
Ladder Hoist H Prop Legs
Ladder Hoist Hand Control
Ladder Hoist Limit Switch
Ladder Hoist Prop Feet
Ladder Hoist Section 1M
Ladder Hoist Section 2M
Ladder Hoist Sheet Carrier
Ladder Hoist Support Frame
Ladder Hoist Support Prop
Ladder Hoist T Prop - i - Small
Ladder Hoist T Prop - iii - Large
Ladder Hoist T Prop - iiii - Large Extend
Ladder Hoist Tile Cage
Ladder Hoist Tipping Section
Ladder Hoist Tipping Skip
Ladder hoisting makes lifting and moving materials simpler and safer, helping you to complete your projects on time, on budget and without incident. Whether you're raising shingles to a roof or lifting building materials over ledges and uneven terrain, a ladder hoist can be a valuable addition to your materials handling equipment.
Coates Hire has a wide selection of ladder hoists for hire that can be customised for every construction site, roofing or landscaping project. Made from lightweight aluminium sections that are easy to transport, these ladder hoists are also easy to assemble for any job. Talk to your local Coates Hire branch to find out how we can help you.
What is a ladder hoist?

Operated by remote control, a petrol-powered or electric ladder hoist saves the time and labour of lifting heavy building materials and tools to the upper levels of construction sites by hand. It also lowers safety risks and the risk of materials being damaged.

We'll work with you to design your ladder hoist hire package to include all the sections you need, which are easy to transport, assemble and disassemble on site. Once set up, a ladder hoist runs continuously and safely, with minimal moving parts meaning they're easy to maintain.

How to hire a ladder hoist

Ladder hoists are supplied in sections. Your local Coates Hire branch will ask for details of your project and your site's layout so we can recommend the sections you need. If you're working around obstacles or pitched roofs, you may require knuckle sections and other specialised equipment to get the reach you need.
An electric ladder hoist is the ideal option for efficiency and reducing emissions and noise if you're working in residential areas. Each ladder hoist is typically supplied with base sections, support frames, prop legs, track sections, a cage or tipping skip and optional accessories.

How to assemble and use a ladder hoist

You don't need any special tools to set up and use a ladder hoist. We'll provide the easy-to-follow instructions that will have your hoist set up and ready to go in minutes. It's essential that you conduct a full safety inspection of your site and do not install a ladder hoist around electrical wires or other hazards.
Ladder hoists should be securely fastened to the roof or ledge you're working on and their feet resting firmly on level ground to prevent slipping. The engine should be insulated and not used within 1 metre of buildings.
Ladder hoists are designed for a single operator. The operator should check that the assembly is secure before using the hoist, not exceed load limits and set an appropriate speed for the load being carried.

Are ladder hoists safe?

Ladder hoisting is safe when it's supervised by a qualified and competent operator and after safety inspections have been carried out. To eliminate risks while using a ladder hoist:

  1. Make sure the ladder is securely fastened at the top and standing on level ground
  2. Tracks should be at least 3 metres from power lines and other electrical hazards, or these must be grounded
  3. The engine should be at least 1 metre away from structures
  4. The operators should familiarise themselves with the equipment prior to use
  5. Don't exceed maximum load limits when moving materials
  6. Use a slower speed when hoisting larger or heavier objects
  7. Don't use the equipment in strong winds, as these might dislodge items
  8. Fall protection systems must be used when working at height to set up the ladder hoist
If your workers need certification to operate any materials handling equipment at height, Coates Hire offers training courses through our Registered Training Organisation.
Why choose Coates Hire for ladder hoist hire?
Coates Hire has one of the largest ranges of ladder hoist supplies in Australia, which can be tailored to suit any construction or roofing job. We'll make sure we understand what you need so we can recommend the ideal ladder hoist and lift hire solutions for you, or we can discuss alternatives such as conveyors​ and elevators.​

Contact your local Coates Hire branch today to find out more and get a quote for ladder hoist hire. Call 13 15 52, complete the enquiry form below or find​ your nearest branch.​
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Ladder Hoists