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Ladder Platform Step Fibreglass 2.5 - 3.6M

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Large, sturdy and constructed from fibreglass, this 2.5 – 3.6m platform step ladder has the reach required to access high spaces in the workplace, on the construction site, or around the home. This ladder includes a fixed safety rail 900mm above the platform, non-slip feet, extra-strength steps and additional safety features. Impressively lightweight and perfectly balanced, this ladder takes the strain out of working at heights.
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
This is a multi-purpose ladder. Non-conductive fibreglass manufacture makes it ideal for use by electricians and building inspectors. It is also the first choice for painters, decorators, fit-out specialists and maintenance crews who prioritise safety for a job well done.
What is a platform ladder?

A platform ladder can be any type of ladder with an elevated work platform. Platforms are a feature of small and large aluminium and fibreglass step ladders, providing a large and stable surface to stand on for extended periods. 

What are fibreglass ladders used for?

Fibreglass ladders perform the same functions as aluminium ladders, with the added bonus of not conducting electricity. Fibreglass ladders are preferred by electricians and other people working close to dangerous electricity.

What size platform ladder do I need?

Platform ladders at Coates Hire are available in different work platform configurations. Options for fibreglass platform step ladders include heavy duty adjustable fibreglass platform ladder solutions for accessing high spaces, along with small step ladders to ensure safe work at all heights. Explore fibreglass platform ladder versatility at Coates Hire.
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Ladder Platform Step Fibreglass 2.5 - 3.6M