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There is no alternative to a trusty chainsaw for doing some jobs around the property. People in leafy neighbourhoods and forested areas understand the need to clear trees and branches from time to time. Chainsaws are also incredibly handy for creating retaining walls and other outdoor structures. Safety is a priority with chainsaw use, making well-maintained and regularly serviced Coates Hire chainsaws the smart choice for all chainsaw purposes.
What size chainsaw do I need?

This will depend on your project requirements. If you are cutting down large trees, a 500mm chainsaw is ideal, while shorter chainsaws are convenient in tighter workspaces or for lopping smaller diameter wood. A quality chainsaw is fitted with safety features that include chain brake, chain catcher, throttle lock, stop control and a right-hand guard.

Coates Hire supplies high-quality Stihl 300mm; 400mm; 500mm chainsaws. These chainsaws are among the best available, with a trusted reputation for performance and safety. By hiring a Coates Hire chainsaw, you can be confident your equipment is in top working order and ideal for the job at hand. If you are a professional arborist or tradie who regularly uses chainsaws, Coates Hire are the go-to team all around Australia, and you can even pre-book equipment online.
What are the different chainsaw uses?

Chainsaws have a heap of different uses. They can help you gain access to a worksite and perform a lot of jobs around the site. Petrol-driven chainsaws are used in situations where other saw types aren’t suitable. Chainsaws are used for felling and pruning trees, making firebreaks, building fences and retaining walls, and a whole lot more. Chainsaw hire from Coates Hire will improve results in lots of ways.

  1. The chain has been sharpened and checked prior to use.
  2. Chainsaw tension is adjusted to optimum working condition.
  3. Proper lubrication circulating around the bar and chain.
  4. The chainsaw is new or in ‘as-new’ condition.
  5. The chainsaw is a high-quality model from a major equipment brand.
Can anyone use a chainsaw?

There is no special license required to operate a chainsaw. However, all power tools should be handled with care and a degree of expertise. Almost anyone use a chainsaw safely by following a few simple guidelines.

  1. Make sure the chainsaw is in good operating order.
  2. Start the chainsaw away from other people and on a flat surface on the ground.
  3. Activate the chain brake so the chain doesn’t rotate when the chainsaw is started.
  4. Use the choke if the chainsaw engine is cold.
  5. Pull the starter with a smooth motion with the chainsaw secure on the ground.
  6. When the chainsaw starts, hit the throttle once, then release to make the engine idle.
  7. Keep the chain brake on until you are ready to start cutting.
  8. Wear appropriate safety gear.
  9. Perform work with the chainsaw safely by your side in case of kick back.
  10. Don’t overstretch or cut at awkward or unsafe angles.
  11. Never cut with the nose (tip) of the chain. It will cause kick back.
  12. Don’t force the cut. Allow the chainsaw to do the work for you.
Why choose Coates Hire?

Coates Hire is Australia’s leading equipment and machinery hire company, with branches nation-wide. We have a wider range of equipment than anyone else, so you can be confident we have whatever you need, wherever you are. Our service professionals and industry partners provide Coates Hire with the reach to assist every phase of your project, from hire solutions to on-site guidance.

If you require a chainsaw or other machinery, there is no alternative to a team that takes equipment maintenance seriously. We prioritise health and safety by providing equipment that meets all industry standards and regulations. At Coates Hire, we take pride in the work you perform and ensure the tools you use can result in a first-class finished product. Coates Hire are the trusted team for all building, construction and property maintenance needs.