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Gardening Equipment
Gardening equipment should be there when you need it, whether you run a gardening/handyman business or simply want to do a clean-up around the home. Some equipment is only required occasionally or for one-off jobs, and hiring the gear you need makes good financial sense. Gardeners and tradies understand the equation and visit Coates Hire for all their short-term and long-term needs.
What gardening equipment do I require?
That will depend on the demands of your business or project. If you run a gardening business or franchise, and require fast backup equipment solutions, Coates Hire has the answers. We can also equip an entire workforce with gardening equipment for clearing and tidying the land with fast results. Whether you are tidying a playground, clearing the cricket ground, or sprucing up an acreage, hire equipment will pull the job together. Examples include:
  1. 4-Stroke commercial quality lawnmower
  2. Hedge trimmer
  3. Line trimmer
  4. Spiked lawn roller
  5. Smooth lawn roller
  6. Leaf blower
  7. Combi power head
What are the advantages of hiring gardening equipment?
The range of garden equipment and machinery available at Coates Hire is huge. You don’t need to own every tool and machine when occasional hire will maintain your establishment and cover all bases. In other words, instead of purchasing equipment you rarely use, gardening equipment hire can save you money.

1. Gardening equipment hire is cost-effective: A short-term hire plan means costs are kept down. If your place has minimal storage area, or no secure garage, equipment hire can be a great way to free up space. Most gardening equipment isn’t expensive to hire, with regular jobs taking only a day or two to complete.

2. Maintenance free gardening: Everyone has struggled with an unresponsive lawnmower at some point, while blades and cutting teeth on machinery require good care for optimal performance. Coates Hire gardening equipment is regularly serviced, checked and cleaned, so you don’t have to spend a frustrating day with worn out machinery. 

3. The space saving alternative: Even well maintained ornamental gardens require a spruce up from time to time, making hedge trimmers and leaf blowers very useful. With proper care, most trees and hedges only require pruning once or twice per year, so even if you don’t have storage area, Coates Hire gardening equipment can get the job done fast.

4. One-off jobs and community projects: For larger gardening/landscaping jobs your team should be equipped with the right equipment and ready for action. Gardening equipment is just the start at Coates Hire, Australia’s favourite equipment hire specialist for landscaping tools, earthmoving machinery and building equipment.

Why choose Coates Hire?
Coates Hire has Australia’s widest range of equipment hire solutions. Our nation-wide business includes hire branches in all major cities and regional centres. We work with experts and our staff are qualified to assist with any equipment hire enquiry. We understand safety is a top priority and we take health and safety regulations and guidelines seriously.

Our commitment to providing quality equipment for the best price is unwavering, and we partner with industry leaders to run workplace-specific training courses for a professional approach. Check out Coates Hire gardening equipment, or other tools and machinery, online or at your
local branch. You can even pre-book the equipment you require so it is ready to go when you are.