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Mulchers & Chippers

Removing garden waste or turning branches and plant matter into valuable organic compost is made easy with Coates Hire mulchers and chippers. A mulcher/chipper is an invaluable piece of gardening or landscaping equipment which reduces branches, leaves, twigs and other material into a useful resource for replenishing a garden with valuable minerals. 

What is a mulcher/chipper?

A mulcher/chipper is a powerful, easily transportable and self-towed piece of landscaping equipment that will save time, energy and money, while resulting in a completed landscaping or gardening job you can be proud of. The finished mulching/chipping product can be used for composting and mulching garden beds, or easily bagged for removal from the work site.

Coates Hire mulchers and chippers employ powerful, fast spinning steel blades for chewing through branches up to 130mm. The resulting wood chips and dust is jam-packed with nutrients that are beneficial for soil. Whether you require equipment once or twice a year for a thorough garden tidy-up, or are undertaking major tree lopping and pruning, a mulcher/chipper will get the job done with ease.
What are the advantages of mulching and chipping?

Mulching, chipping and composting can transform a barren wasteland into a healthy and lush garden. Mulchers/chippers are safe for single-person operation, with a host of advantages that include.

  1. Turning poor quality soil areas into healthy spaces ready for sewing lawns and establishing gardens.
  2. Reducing moisture loss from soil, while also slowing evaporation and improving water absorption.
  3. Repressing weed growth while simultaneously returning valuable nutrients to the soil as the mulched material breaks down.
  4. Protecting exposed roots and plants from extremes of hot and cold weather by reducing soil temperature fluctuations.
  5. Adding colour, health and vitality to any vegetable, flower, or other garden bed for superior growth and a better harvest.
  6. Fast and convenient removal of waste materials during large gardening and landscaping projects.
What type of mulchers/chippers are available from Coates Hire?
Coates Hire mulchers/chippers are available in smaller 80mm models and larger 130mm models, ensuring you have the right equipment for your gardening, landscaping or tidy-up job.

80mm Mulcher/Chipper: Ideal for small and medium sized gardens, this mulcher/chipper with durable tyres and a tow handle has a 13HP engine, double bevel (reversible) knives and 24 multi-stepped rotor plates that will reduce tough branches to small 4mm-8mm chips. Discharge is compostable or ready for immediate use as mulch, while the self-feeding mechanism provides hands-free safety from cutting blades at all times.

130mm Mulcher/Chipper: This larger unit is ideal for landscape gardeners, arborists, orchardists and DIY professionals wanting to take their business to the next level. The 130mm mulcher/chipper is towable behind almost any vehicle, fast to set up, and includes convenient electric start so you can quickly get on with business. The 21HP engine provides plenty of grunt for taking on large branches, while the self-feeding mechanism makes for safe operation at all times. Complete with an outlet chute with 270 degree swivel, this mulcher/chipper can direct organic material into a bin or straight onto garden beds.
Why choose Coates Hire?

Coates Hire is the preferred equipment hire specialist with branches Australia-wide. Our mulchers and chippers are regularly serviced, checked and cleaned to ensure they are in top working order. We offer a safety standard guarantee, same day delivery and a 24/7 online service to keep you in the loop and answer enquiries during every stage of your project. We also provide the option to pre-book equipment so it is available whenever you need it.

With Coates Hire branches in all major Australian cities and regional centres, we are accessible wherever you are. Hiring equipment when you need it is the cost-effective alternative to expensive and unnecessary major equipment purchases. At Coates Hire, our qualified service professionals can assist you with expert guidance and information regarding your project, for a first-class job completed on time and on budget. Contact Coates Hire today for more information, advice and inspiration regarding your project.