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Lighting Towers LED

Coates Hire LED lighting towers are the portable solution for creating a safe work or social space at night. Heavy duty stabilisers and hydraulic lift operation enable the user to set up mobile lighting towers in minutes. Coates Hire portable light towers are in demand Australia-wide, and our extensive range of portable lighting towers for hire is sure to satisfy your lighting solution needs.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
Model / Size
Lighting Tower LED 170-240k Lumens Mine Spec
Lighting Tower LED 170-240k Lumens MS Hyd Out
Lighting Tower LED 170-240k Lumens MS Hyd Out MDG
LED lighting towers provide long-lasting illumination for working all night if required. They are also great for indoor work where maximum illumination provides a superior working environment. LED lighting towers can be set up quickly for construction and road workers, and will take your party, celebration or event to the next level. Coates Hire LED lighting towers have a large fuel tank.
What are LED lighting towers?

LED lighting towers provide multidirectional illumination. They are raised by hydraulic action and run on diesel power. Mobile lighting towers turn night into day for superior workplace illumination. 

What are the benefits of LED lighting towers over conventional lighting towers?

LED lighting towers boast better fuel consumption and superior illumination compared to conventional lighting towers. 

How much does LED lighting rental cost?

Coates Hire offers unbeatable rates on all LED lighting tower Australia products. Or extensive range means we have the LED lighting solutions required for private enterprise and civil works at the best possible price. 

Where can I hire LED lighting towers?

With a network of reliable branches Australia-wide, you can rely on Coates Hire for all your lighting equipment and construction needs. With Coates Hire, you can hire mobile lighting towers over the phone, online or in-store. We have a range of lighting solutions to get the job done.
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Lighting Towers LED