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Lightweight and easy to use, a quality screed will properly level freshly laid concrete slabs, pathways, plinths and more. Screeds are also used for preparing a firm and even sand base prior to laying pavers. The first step in the concrete finishing process, screeding allows the user to create a uniformly flat and smooth surface between two guide points. Sturdy, solid, and ergonomically designed, this manual screed provides hands-on control.
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This screed is ideal for carrying out small concreting jobs. It is suitable for forming pathways and any other narrow concrete surface. Hand screeding is a great introduction to concrete work, with this screed in demand from DIY handypersons, home-owners, small businesses and anyone else working with concrete or pavers.
Do I need to screed a concrete floor?

A screed is surprisingly effective at levelling out hills and hollows in freshly laid concrete. A screed can be used with large amounts of concrete and is easily guided between two level points for an even surface finish.

What is the purpose of a screed?

Apart from creating a level surface, screeding also helps to release air bubbles and compacts cement sediment. With screeding, you will get angles right for drainage. The result is a firmer, longer lasting driveway, pathway or other surface.

What are the types of screeds?

A screed can be anything from a flat piece of wood to a vibrating screed suitable for dispersing and levelling large amounts of concrete. For vibrator screed hire, or other concreting and construction products, contact Coates Hire for product information and hiring rates today. 
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