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Conveyor Hire and Elevators

Whether you're excavating, building or demolishing, efficient materials handling makes all the difference to getting projects completed on time. Conveyors and elevators make every job easier as they move your items and raw materials around sites quickly and efficiently. If your project could benefit from a steel belt conveyor or elevator to lift and drop materials, enquire now to find out how Coates Hire can help.

What are conveyors and elevators?

Conveyor belts have been used to transport materials and improve productivity for over 200 years, ever since the first steam-powered belts used by the British Navy. Conveyor engineering has come a long way since, and today polyurethane, aluminium and steel belt conveyors are widely used across many industries – from manufacturing to construction and demolition, mining, agriculture, aviation and even backyard landscaping and swimming pool excavations.

Whether you need to move bricks, cement, sand or soil, a conveyor belt can be invaluable for projects of all sizes, especially on sites where access or manoeuvrability is restricted. Coates Hire offers conveyor hire in a range of lengths, widths and load ratings to suit every task.

If you need to lift materials vertically between levels, elevators, ladder hoists can lighten the load. Designed with a high load carrying capacity, reversible elevators can lift large volumes of materials every hour as well as bringing materials and waste safely down to earth.

How conveyor belts work

Conveyors and elevators use a sophisticated pulley system with multiple rotors driven by electric motors. As each rotor turns, it moves the belt above and below in opposite directions, maintaining the desired speed in an endless loop.

Belts may consist of rollers or a flat skid base to prevent smaller objects from falling through. They are designed to support heavy loads without sagging. If a conveyor belt or elevator needs to be installed around obstacles, more wheels or rotors can be added in any layout needed, horizontally and vertically.

Types of conveyors and elevators

Whether it's for landscaping or excavation, conveyor belt hire isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Knowing about the different types of conveyors for hire will help you to choose the right equipment for the job.

Portable conveyor hire

For small to medium materials handling and waste management, aluminium mini-conveyors could be all you need. Lighter and cheaper to run than a steel belt conveyor, aluminium conveyors are still capable of handling heavy loads up to 100kg and can be scaled to your custom requirements. Find out more

Steel belt conveyor hire

Heavy-duty steel conveyors have wide troughs up to 350mm and can move up to 30 tonnes per hour for the largest construction and demolition jobs. Choose steel belt conveyors in a range of lengths from 4m to 10m powered by a 240V electric or air-operated motor. Find out more

Elevator hire

If you need to lift bricks, blocks or tiles to upper levels, Coates Hire's specialised elevators, hoists and conveyor belt chutes make the job easy. Our brick elevators are capable of moving 4,500 blocks per hour, with a choice of electric power or petrol for remote sites. Our electric tile elevators can load 3,000 tiles per hour. Find out more

Why choose Coates Hire?

Coates Hire is one of Australia's largest conveyor belt suppliers for construction, mining, landscaping and other applications. Our extensive fleet of conveyors, elevators and hoists includes petrol and electric models in a wide variety of sizes to ensure safe and efficient materials handling.

To get a quote for small conveyor belt price or find out which equipment hire is best for your needs, call us now on 13 15 52, select a branch or complete the enquiry form below and our team will get back to you.