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Crane & Forklift Attachment Hire

Cranes and forklifts are nothing without attachments specialised for the job. Whether it's a crane fork attachment, safety cage or jibs to turn your forklift into a mobile crane, choosing the right materials handling equipment will improve productivity and safety on your site.

Coates Hire has one of the largest ranges of crane and forklift attachments for hire in Australia. Choose the attachments you need with your crane or forklift rental, or hire accessories to use with your own equipment. Talk to your local Coates Hire branch about what you need and we'll recommend the best equipment hire for every job.

What are crane and forklift attachments?

Crane and forklift attachments are specialised to lift and move a wide range of materials, from large and heavy construction materials to personnel. They can improve productivity by reducing load moving times and fuel consumption and protect items from damage.

Before you attach crane or forklift accessories, you need to check that they are designed for the equipment you're using and don't exceed its load capacity. It's also essential that operators are fully trained and qualified to use the equipment and that appropriate safety checks are carried out on your site to avoid dangers such as overturning and overhead electrocution.

Types of crane and forklift accessories

Coates Hire has an extensive range of forklift and crane attachments for hire, designed for use with all sizes of equipment to help with specific tasks.

Crane attachments

Our range of crane attachments includes:
Brick and block cages – for safe lifting and transport of bricks and other heavy or loose materials on pallets.
Pallet hooks – for loading or unloading and transport of pallets around sites. Available for 2.2t or 3t cranes.
Waste bins – for moving waste around mines and construction sites. Available in a range of sizes with low loading heights. See all crane attachments

Forklift accessories

We have a wide range of forklift attachments to make your equipment more versatile. These include:
• Drum lifters and turners – designed to lift, move and rotate drum cylinders.
• Jibs – extend the reach of forklifts by enabling them to lift pallets like a crane. For 2t to 5t forklifts.
• Slippers – slip-on extensions to add extra length to forklifts.
• Waste bins – large capacity skips with smooth tipping action to help keep work sites clean.
• Work platforms – lifting baskets and platforms to elevate workers for a short duration. See all forklift attachments

Kibble skips

Coates Hire has the largest range of concrete placing skips and kibble attachments for hire, supplied with lifting chains and with minimum maintenance and cleaning. Kibble skips make it easy to remove waste materials from work sites and help prevent spillage and wastage during backfilling. See all kibble skips

Safety cages

Transport personnel and equipment safely to higher or lower levels with 2-man or 4-man lifting cages. These safety cages feature rails at half height to ensure worker safety with the minimum of obstruction, with convenient attachments for lanyards and safety lines. See all safety cages

Why choose Coates Hire for forklift attachments?

Coates Hire supplies crane and forklift attachments for hire to meet every requirement. All our materials handling equipment complies with relevant Australian Standards and is designed to be low maintenance and easy to use with the proper training.

Make sure your attachments are compatible with your equipment by choosing crane or forklift rental with Coates Hire. If your team require training or certification, we also offer forklift training to obtain a High Risk Work Licence (LF).

To find out how we can help you, call Coates Hire today on 13 15 52, complete the enquiry form below or find your local branch.