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Forklifts & Telehandler Hire
Forklifts and telehandlers (also known as telescopic handlers or teleporters) are versatile equipment that are used for materials handling on construction sites, warehouses, farms and other locations where you need to lift and transport large or heavy materials with ease. Coates Hire has a wide range of telehandlers and forklifts for hire in all parts of Australia, including mini telehandler hire and rough terrain forklifts with a variety of specialised attachments. Our telehandlers range from 2 tonnes to 4 tonnes with lifting heights of 5 to 17 metres.


What is a forklift?

Forklifts and telehandlers are different types of equipment that serve specific functions. Generally faster, more compact and more manoeuvrable than telehandlers, forklifts are mainly used inside structures such as buildings or docks where they can pick goods from inventory, load or unload vehicles and move pallets around sites. Rough terrain forklifts are also available if you need to hire a forklift for outdoor use.

Forklifts from Coates Hire range from 1.8 tonnes to 16 tonnes LPG, diesel and electric models, including the popular and powerful Toyota Materials Handling internal combustion and battery-electric line. See all forklifts

What are the different types of forklifts?

Forklifts are available in a range of sizes, capacities and fuel types. When you hire a forklift, it’s important to know what the options are so you can select the right equipment for your needs. The first things to consider when you hire a forklift are load capacity and lift height for efficient materials handling. Your local Coates Hire branch can recommend the most suitable size and capacity of forklift for your needs.

If you’ll be working indoors or in other environments with little to no ventilation, an electric forklift will be safer than a fuel-powered model. If you’re working outdoors or in a remote location where electricity isn’t available, diesel, LPG or dual fuel forklifts will keep you running. Different wheel and tyre options can also be chosen, depending on whether the forklift will be used on smooth flooring or rough terrain.

Forklift attachments

Forklifts can be fitted with a variety of attachments for different functions. Coates Hire can supply a range of forklift attachments for every job, whether you need rotating forks, a drum lifter, work platform or jibs to turn your forklift into a mobile crane. See all forklift attachments

What is a telehandler?

Telehandler stands for telescopic handler. These are similar to forklifts, but are fitted with a telescopic boom that extends their reach significantly and allows them to lift horizontally as well as vertically, sometimes without moving. This boom retracts to a shorter length when the telehandler is not in use.

Telehandlers are widely used in outdoor settings such as construction sites where access may be restricted. Coates Hire has a wide range of telehandlers with lifting heights from 5m to 17m capable of lifting 2t to 4t loads. See all telehandlers

What are the different types of telehandlers?

Like forklifts, telehandlers come in a wide range of sizes and capacities suited to different jobs. However, telehandlers are capable of lifting heavier loads to greater heights than forklifts. Telehandlers may have fixed or rotating cabs. While all telehandlers are manoeuvrable, if you require more movement from your equipment you can choose between front-wheel steering for use on roads, four-wheel turning for off-road use or crab steering if you’re working in narrow spaces.

If your work site has loose or muddy soil or is prone to high winds, talk to your local Coates Hire branch so our experts can recommend the best option for you.

Telehandler attachments

Telehandlers can be specialised for any task with the right attachments. Coates Hire’s range of telehandler attachments includes hoisting jibs, buckets, brooms, forks and rotators to make sure your telehandler hire is as productive as possible. See all telehandler attachments

Do I need a licence to operate a forklift or telehandler?

Before you hire a forklift or telehandler, it’s essential to make sure the operator has a current licence valid in your state. This equipment can pose dangers to operators and other people in the area when operators are not properly trained and safety checks are not carried out. A High Risk Work Licence (LF) is required to operate a forklift, while
telehandlers with longer booms require a TSHA Gold Card.

Coates Hire offers short training courses for forklift and telehandler operation through our registered training provider. This includes:
- Forklift licence training
- Telehandler TSHA gold card training
- Load restraint awareness training

Contact us to find out more about our training courses.

Why choose Coates Hire for forklifts or telehandler hire?

Coates Hire is one of Australia’s most trusted equipment hire suppliers with some of the largest ranges of forklifts, telehandlers and attachments fit for every job. To find out more or get a quote for forklift or telehandler hire in Melbourne, Sydney or other locations, call 13 15 52,
enquire below or find your nearest branch.