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Mini Excavators

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A mini excavator is a tracked or wheeled construction site vehicle. Mini excavators generally include a backfill blade plus independent boom swing. Coates Hire provides the full range of mini excavators with operating weight from 1.5t – 8.0t, so you get the right excavator for your job. A wide range of hydraulic mini excavator attachments are available for post hole drilling, digging, ripping and a whole lot more. 
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Model / Size
Excavator 1.5 - 1.8t
Power for 1.5t (kW) 11
Dig Depth for 1.5t (mm) 2179
Power for 1.7t (kW) 13.5
Dig Depth for 1.7t (mm) 2320
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Excavator 4.5t
Power for 4.4t (kW) 26.5
Dig Depth for 4.4t (mm) 3350
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Excavator 5.0t
Power for 4.9t (kW) 31.3
Dig Depth for 4.9t (mm) 3530
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Excavator 7.0 - 8.0t
Power for 7.2t (kW) 41
Dig Depth for 7.2t (mm) 4110
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Coates Hire mini excavators have a huge range of versatile applications in the building industry. They are powerful, compact and easily manoeuvred, making them an in-demand piece of construction equipment. Used by builders, tradies, owner operators and anyone else with a can-do attitude, these compact excavators facilitate required digging depth and full visibility for worksite tasks in tight spaces.
What can a mini excavator do?
Mini excavators can access areas that large and heavy machinery can’t. These compact machines have minimal tail swing, making them ideal construction equipment for small/medium sized tasks. Check out mini excavator attachments for understanding mini digger versatility.

Who can use mini excavators?
Mini excavators are very easy to drive and operate. They can be used by almost anyone after a little training and instruction. Compact excavators are in demand for wide ranging applications.

Where to hire a mini excavator?
Coates Hire is the answer. We have an Australia-wide network of hire branches, more hire equipment and machinery than anyone else and mini excavator hire prices that can’t be beat. 
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Mini Excavators