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Mini Loader Auger Extension

Compatible with a mini loader and auger attachment, this extension allows the user to dig deep holes easily. Solidly built for heavy duty work, the auger extension will help you power through tough clay, rocky soils and other underground obstacles. Auger digging provides a neat, symmetrical hole suitable for establishing building footings, fence posts and retaining walls that stand the test of time.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
The auger extension is suitable for builders, landscape designers, sub-contractors and others who require convenient solutions to laborious jobs. Digging to the desired depth is made easy with the auger extension, ultimately resulting in a strong and long-lasting building or gardening structure.
Length 495mm / 20′
Weight 9kg / 20lbs
Q. Is the auger extension easy to use?

Coates Hire auger extensions are simple to connect and easy to use. Our mini loader attachments are purpose-built to sync with our machinery, with little muscle power required. Create deeper holes easily with an auger extension.

Q. When to you need to use an auger extension?

The auger extension is compatible with the 100mm diameter auger attached to a diesel or petrol-driven mini loader. This auger extension provides an additional 450mm depth to ensure large posts and retaining walls are firmly set.

Q. Does the auger extension work in difficult soil conditions?

It certainly does. When driven by a mini loader with 17.5kW power, the sharp auger blades can cut through almost anything, including rocky soil structures, ensuring the hole is round, straight and as deep as you require.
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Mini Loader Auger Extension