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Mini Loader Bucket 4 In 1

Mini loaders are versatile, and the mini loader bucket 4 in 1 dramatically increases loader potential. This tough accessory is a bucket, blade, grab and leveller all in one. Use the bucket for heavy lifting, the blade and leveller are ideal for ground surface levelling and preparation, and the grab can grip and lift heavy items. A multifunctional mini loader can perform the majority of groundwork functions for small and medium building projects.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Specially designed for mini loader compatibility, the 4 in 1 bucket attachment makes equipment hire the smart move. Keep the mini loader active with multiple jobs around the work site. Ideal for sites with narrow access, this product provides wide-ranging applications and manoeuvrability for saving time and money, and is suitable for use by all builders and handypersons with a can-do attitude.
Brush Width 790mm / 31″
Brush Diameter 400mm / 16′
Volume 0.08m3
Length 860mm / 34″
Weight 110kg / 234lbs
Q. What are the uses of a 4 in 1 bucket?

You can get a lot more done on the worksite with the 4 in 1 attachment. The mini loader can access tight spaces and the attachments will do the rest. You don’t need four different tools when you have an all-in-one workhorse on your side.

Q. How to operate a 4 in 1 bucket?

All 4 attachments are part of the one unit, with operation performed by easy-to-navigate loader controls. With these loaders, the driver stands upright rather than seated, providing a clear view of the attachment functions at work. 

Q. Can anyone use a mini loader and bucket attachment?

If you can drive a car, you won’t find it difficult to drive a mini loader. Coates Hire professionals will guide you through the process so your mini loader is ready for action whenever you are. Mini loader bucket attachments are solid steel and quite heavy, so it is advised to work with a friend wherever heavy lifting is required. 
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Mini Loader Bucket 4 In 1