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Mono Props

Code: PRO123-2
All mono props are made up with a base jack whose height may be varied between 280mm and 550mm and a flat head piece with a height of 145mm or a head jack with a height adjustable between 320mm and 580mm.
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Model / Size
Mono Prop Base Jack
Mono Prop Couplers
Mono Prop Flat Head
Mono Prop Head Jack
Mono Prop Section 1.2 m
1200mm 45kg
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Mono Prop Section 1.5 m
1500mm 49kg
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Mono Prop Section 2.0 m
2000mm 60kg
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Able to support heavy loads at considerable height Savings in labour and transport due to high load capacity Mono Props braced in groups can support exceptionally heavy loads Interchangeable sections? Fine adjustment by screw jacks
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Mono Props