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Mulcher/Chipper - Towable 130mm

Available in NSW
Quickly turn branches, leaves and other plant materials into garden mulch or compost. Powerful mulcher/chipper action can handle branches up to 100mm in diameter, making this towable product suitable for use in small and large gardens. Reduce tree branches to a manageable size for removal or re-use in the garden. Quality, well maintained cutting blades make this mulcher safe and easy to use.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Ideal for professional and amateur gardeners and landscape designers, this heavy duty mulcher/chipper will get the job done fast. Towable behind a regular sedan and easy to set up, this product will take over the hard work and save the user heaps of time. Easy-start and self-feeding mechanisms make for environmentally friendly mulching and chipping.
Max. chipping capacity  130mm
Engine Honda GX630
Max Power  21HP
Fuel tank size 11L
Starting system Electric
Inlet chute size 200 x 285mm
Qty of knives  2
Knife size 200 x 80 x 12mm
Knife material A8 modified tool steel
Cutting disk dimensions 650 x 20mm
Cutting disk weight  80kg
Cutting disk speed 1800RPM
Beltdrive Twin
Self-feeding  Yes
Wheels 12in rim
Dimensions L2300mm x W1300mm x H1850mm
Weight 417kg
Outlet chute height 1850mm
Outlet chute type 270 degree swivel
Q. What is the use of a wood chipper or mulcher?

With a maximum 21HP, the Honda GX630 engine with electric start is powerful enough to chip wood up to 130mm in diameter. Strong tool-steel cutting knives and cutting disk speed of 1800RPM provides all the grunt you will need to turn plant materials into mulch or compost.

Q. I don’t have a tow bar. Does Coates Hire deliver equipment?

We certainly do, and with an Australia-wide network of hire branches, we can deliver to you almost anywhere. At Coates Hire, we have the equipment you need whenever required. You can even pre-book a mulcher/chipper online for additional convenience. 

Q. Is mulching/chipping fast work?

This tough Honda engine and superior cutting blades will work tirelessly all day long. To minimise hire time and optimise value for money, consider cutting and pruning your trees in the days leading up to mulcher/chipper hire so the equipment isn’t laying idle. 
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Mulcher/Chipper - Towable 130mm