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Nail Gun Gas Finishing

Available in NSW, SA, TAS, VIC, QLD
Code: 12550
Light and easy to use, this gas powered nail gun is used for quality finishing of cabinets, doorjambs, skirting, panelling and decorative woodwork. Nail depth is easily adjusted and this gun works without the need for a compressor or hoses. Fast to set up, with auto reload nail magazine, this gun will fire up to 1000 nails on a single gas canister.
Ear Protection
Steel Cap Boots
This portable gas powered nail gun is in demand with carpenters, builders, cabinet makers, handypersons and DIY homeowners. A nail gun dramatically speeds up progress without sacrificing quality, resulting in a superior finished product.
Power Gas Cartridge
Weight (kg) 3
What are the uses of a gas nail gun?

Nail guns have replaced traditional hammers and nails for lots of applications and are the nailing method of choice with most builders. Working with a nail gun is fast, and a builders time is valuable, so it makes sense to invest in profitable nail gun solutions. 

Is the gas nail gun easy to operate?

The nail gun is easy to operate, although it should only be handled by an adult familiar with the use of power tools. Your Coates Hire service professional will run through timber and concrete nail gun options, including cordless nail guns that provide plenty of punch. 

How do you set up a gas nail gun?

A gas nail gun uses compressed air for powering the tool. Coates Hire nail gun choices include Impulse Framemaster and Impulse Trimmaster products popular with builders and tradies who want to get the job done right first time. Check out more gas nail gun products online or in-store at your nearest Coates Hire branch.  
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Nail Gun Gas Finishing