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Needle Gun Air

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This air powered hand tool is light, easy to use, and the ideal equipment for removing rust, scale, old paint and other obstructions from metal surfaces. Chisel needles are forced against the work surface around 5,000 times per minute, cleaning an area to bare metal in seconds. The needles adjust to surface contours, allowing the user to reach difficult-to-access corners and crevices. Versatile compressed air power will help you get the job done fast.
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Hard Hat
Safety Boots
This needle gun is commonly used for automotive and marine repair and renovation jobs. A needle gun is essential for effectively removing unwanted rust, corrosion or layers of old paint. Home renovation applications include restoring metal gates, window frames and other special features. Metalwork can be made ‘as-new’ with a needle gun.
How to use an air needle gun?

The handy hand-held trigger mechanism makes this air-powered needle gun safe and easy to operate. Remove rusty and corroded metals fast, so you can repair and prepare surfaces like a professional. 

How powerful is the air needle gun?

This needle gun delivers powerful impact force, with up to 5,000 impacts per minute possible. With an air needle gun on your side, surface preparation is a breeze, and the tough steel needles will even remove weld flux and other solid metal obstacles. 

How much does the air needle gun cost?

An air needle gun offers fast and heavy duty preparation for all types of metal surfaces. This tool functions as a cleaner, stripper, chisel, scaler and more, for all round air needle gun value, at a fraction of the price of hiring a professional. 
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Needle Gun Air