Hi everyone!

We are about to embark on the first of the new back-to-back race weekends, competing again at Hidden Valley Raceway for the Darwin SuperSprint. It’s pretty cool that we only raced here five days ago, and we get a ‘do over’ in a sense. Usually in the days following an event there’s a flurry of “woulda coulda shoulda” stories in the media, but no one has that excuse for this round! We all have the chance to improve our cars and do a better job after a weekend of learning and analysing the data
Last weekend we were a bit behind the eight ball on Sunday due to the Saturday race crash. It was a long and mega job by the crew to get the car race ready for Sunday, so a massive thanks to them all for putting in some long hours. It did mean, though, that on Sunday we were chasing the race setup.

The crew has worked hard during the week to tidy up the car following up the crash and get it back in perfect trim. I’m hoping this translates to more speed and we can get the car back to where we want it.

This weekend we revert back to only one tyre compound, we will be using the soft tyre for all sessions. I’m confident we will have a stronger showing, both personally and as a team.

Here at Hidden Valley Raceway qualifying is really important, due to the closeness in lap times between the whole field, and also because passing was at a premium last weekend. My aim is to qualify inside the top six to stay there! The DNF last Saturday cost us in terms of championship points so I’m focused on clawing some of those back at the Darwin SuperSprint.

For those of you wondering how Nelson is surviving in Darwin, I can assure you he is living his best life! He’s been spoilt with plenty of walks and pats from friends and has even been at the track to film a story for track television!

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