Hi Everyone,
We’re about to embark on our annual international trip to New Zealand for the ITM Auckland SuperSprint, the last single driver event before the enduro season kicks off!
I always look forward to getting to NZ because the local fans are welcoming (and passionate about the Aussie v Kiwi rivalry) and the atmosphere at the track is always buzzing.
Competing at this event means a huge amount to me and the entire Brad Jones Racing family and supporters, as we compete for the Jason Richards memorial trophy.

Jase was a well-loved member of the BJR family, and we always try and do his memory proud over there. It’s also good to see his family at the circuit still supporting us. 

I’m keen to get back into racing again, especially coming off a solid fourth place result in Sunday’s race at The Bend. We took a few updates on the car to that event, and I think we unlocked a bit more speed out of the car. I’m keen to prove that the top-five result at The Bend wasn’t a fluke and that we can continue to get more speed out of the car this weekend.

It looks like we’re in for some interesting weather across the event, with rain predicted at some degree each day. Hopefully the Pukekohe circuit is in better condition than a few years ago when we couldn’t qualify due to how slippery the circuit was in the wet.

The area of bitumen that was undriveable a couple of years ago in the wet should have cured enough by now and be good enough to race on regardless of the weather conditions.

Any potential wet weather will definitely spice things up and could even out the playing field a bit more.
After The Bend I travelled over to the UK and spent a couple of days with renowned driver trainer Rob Wilson. Hopefully some of the tips I got from him will benefit me this weekend and into the rest of the season.

Car 8 returns to a cool looking Blackwoods livery for Pukekohe. Blackwoods hasn’t been seen at a major sponsor level since Adelaide 2017, so it’s great to have them back on board.

Remember you can follow me on social media for updates across the Winton weekend!
Twitter- @nickpercat
Instagram - @nickpercat

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