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Oxy Acetylene Set

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The oxy acetylene set contains everything required for welding, cutting, heating and brazing applications. Save time and avoid frustration by hiring a kit that contains everything you require before commencing work. This kit has everything needed for welding and cutting metals using the power of fuel gases and oxygen. Pure oxygen is the secret behind high temperatures required for quality welding work.
Breathing Mask
Full face shield
Steel Cap Boots
This set is suitable for anyone with welding experience. Oxy acetylene or gas welding provides impressive heat for welding, cutting and other processes, allowing the user to create clean cuts and seamless joins in tough steel. This set is popular with both professional and amateur welders and DIY experts.
What is an oxy acetylene torch kit?

An oxy-acetylene torch system consists of tanks and valves for creating an intensely hot flame. Oxygen is added to acetylene gas, creating a flame much hotter than that from a propane torch. An oxy acetylene torch kit contains everything required for powerful welding action.

What is the best oxy acetylene torch kit?

There is no substitute for quality; that’s why Coates Hire establishes partnerships with high-end manufacturers of equipment and machinery. This oxy acetylene torch kit is among the best on offer, containing an oxygen tank, acetylene cylinder, acetylene regulators, cutting attachments and all other portable torch kit gas welding essentials. 

How to use an oxy acetylene set?

An oxy acetylene torch kit is easy to use and a great introduction to welding. For specific features and functions of this unit, speak to a Coates Hire service professional. Contact us today regarding oxy acetylene torch kits and other high quality equipment and machinery. 
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Oxy Acetylene Set