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Plate Compactor Diesel Small 299kg

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The 299kg diesel plate compactor will consolidate excavation work. Utility includes back-fill compression, sub-base roadworks, paving foundations and more. This plate compactor is ideal for securing interlocking pavers in position, with the solid foundation ensuring pavers don’t sink or shift. Heavy-duty diesel power takes over the workload, allowing the user to easily navigate the compacter.
Ear Protection
Steel Cap Boots
This plate compacter has wide-ranging versatility. It is suitable for landscapers, builders, concreters, bricklayers and other business owners. There are some tasks beyond the scope of human strength, making short or long-term hire of the 299kg plate compactor and other serious construction equipment the smart approach for high-quality work.
What is a plate compactor used for?

A plate compactor is used to level soil and sand prior to paving or other surfacing works. The plate compactor repeatedly drives a flat metal plate against ground, providing impact weight much greater than the 299kg compactor. This small diesel plate compactor is the professional touch for outdoor jobs.

How much area can a small diesel plate compactor cover?

This small diesel plate compactor will help landscape an entire property in no time. These reversible plate compactor units are designed for safe single-person operation, and are used by councils, builders and private contractors for large and small jobs. Check out Coates Hire for the best diesel plate compactor rates available. 

When should you use diesel plate compactor?

This diesel engine heavy-duty plate compactor is used to compact soil, sand and gravel sub-base materials. The small vibrating plate compactor packs a lot of downward force for creating a compact and even surface. Controls are located on the small plate compactor handle for comfortable walk-behind operation, allowing the sturdy and stable unit to complete major tasks with ease.
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Plate Compactor Diesel Small 299kg