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Compressor 100 - 130 CFM - Diesel

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Portable, easy to transport and position, these compressors will power a wide range of air tools including breakers and scabblers. They have a lockable operator control panel, are fitted with emergency shutdown, and have multiple size air hose couplings.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Light industry, civil, building and construction sites, small abrasive blasting, small scabblers, breakers, air picks, and temporary air supply for small industry.
What is an air compressor?

An air compressor converts diesel, petrol or electric power into pressurised (compressed) air. The compressed air is stored ready for use. An air compressor can be used for inflating tyres and other items quickly, while large diesel driven air compressors are useful for powering major construction tools and equipment. 

When should you use a 130cfm diesel air compressor?

A 130cfm towable diesel air compressor is an ideal building site assistant. This transportable unit delivers energy for use with all types of pneumatic tools, including heavy-duty jackhammers for breaking up concrete and bitumen. It is ideal in areas without access to electricity, and wherever large diesel-powered silenced air compression is required. 

What are the other types of air compressors?

The Coates Hire range of air compressors, air tools and accessories is huge, and you are sure to find the item you are looking for at your nearest Coates Hire branch. Explore air compressors online or contact us over the phone or in-store for more ideas and inspiration. 
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Compressor 100 - 130 CFM - Diesel