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Generator - Diesel - 20kVA

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Portable, heavy duty and diesel powered, this tough unit generates power for tools, appliances and other electrical applications. Quiet operation courtesy of the silenced canopy make this large generator suitable for use where noise restrictions apply. Trailer-mounted portability allows you to power up the worksite or other establishment in no time. Multiple power configurations and earth leakage protection makes for safe operation at all times.
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20 KVA diesel generator power provides plenty of energy for running a wide range of tools and equipment. This generator is ideal for industrial and commercial applications, mining, telecommunications and outdoor events. This product offers temporary, emergency and standby power whenever required.
What is the advantage of a 20kva diesel generator over other types of generators?

For starters, diesel offers quieter operation. Diesel generators are fuel efficient and have less emissions than most petrol motors. This 20kva generator is super quiet and offers reliable high performance for optimum running times, even when used for high-energy arc welding and grinding, or running a commercial grade hot water system.

How many hours does the 20kva diesel generator last?

This will depend on the use. A 20kva diesel generator is powerful enough to run lights, TVs, hot water, heating, refrigeration, power tools and more, making it an ideal onsite assistant for builders and home renovators who appreciate simple comforts. A 20kva diesel generator can last up to 1,000 hours on a full tank of fuel. 

Is it easy to operate a 20kva diesel generator?

If it’s from Coates Hire, it’s easy to operate. All our equipment and machinery is regularly checked and serviced, with every item new or in as-new condition. Our equipment is designed for convenience and our diesel generators are ready to act as standby power and start first time for water cooled, reliable performance every time.
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Generator - Diesel - 20kVA