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Post Hole Cleaner

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This post hole cleaner is used to remove dirt, stones and other material after auger drilling to create a flat and clean base. Ideal for use prior to pouring concrete, the post hole cleaner creates a grit free surface for superior bonding with concrete. Using a post hole cleaner results in sturdier, stable and long-lasting fences, retaining walls and other building projects.
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This product is suitable for gardeners, handypersons, tradespersons and DIY experts who expect professional building results. Follow up drilling auger work with post hole cleaning to create a tidy hole free of unwanted materials. Portable and simple to use, a post hole cleaner can make a big difference to your finished product.
Q. When is the best time to use a post hole cleaner?

Post holes should be clean of loose soil before concrete is poured and the poles set in place. Take the time to clean post holes and ensure the posts are correctly positioned. You can’t change the result once the concrete sets.  

Q. How does a post hole cleaner work?

A post hole cleaner works by the user turning the T handle to dig into loose soil. The turning motion forces loose soil into the cleaner, with the soil then lifted out of the hole. Simple but extremely effective. 

Q. What other equipment should I consider for post holes?

That will depend on the size of your job and the type of soil you are dealing with. At Coates Hire we have single and two-person operated petrol-driven augers for medium sized jobs, plus auger attachments for mini loaders, providing power and manoeuvrability. 
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Post Hole Cleaner