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Post Hole Digger Manual

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This manual post hole digger has a sturdy construction, sharp auger blades, and T-handle work together to create deep symmetrical holes. Turning the handle in a circular motion allows the auger to carve through soil. Portable and easy to us, the manual post hole digger will ensure your fence is built to last. 
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
This helpful piece of equipment is suitable for digging relatively soft ground that is free from hard obstacles. Additionally, the manual pole hole digger is handy in difficult to access areas, and a great tool for convenient mass shrub planting.

BT 131

Professional single-operator earth auger with 4-MIX® engine

Displacement cm³ 36.3
Weight kg 1) 10
Tank volume l 710.00
Q. How do you dig with a post hole digger?

A manual post hole digger is most effectively used on softer, friable soil structures. It’s also a great option if you only have a few holes to dig. For bigger jobs and working in rocky or hard clay soils, consider hiring a petrol driven auger.

Q. Is this post hole digger easy to use?

This post hole digger is very easy to use. It is solidly constructed with no motorised parts. All that’s required is your strength to turn the handle for digging power. You can dig holes from an upright position with no awkward bending and shovelling.  

Q. Do you have bigger post hole digger alternatives?

At Coates Hire we are all about giving you the right alternative for a superior finished product. Our single-person or 2-person operated petrol-driven augers may be what you require. For even bigger jobs where access isn’t an issue, it’s worth considering hiring a mini loader with auger attachment. 
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Post Hole Digger Manual