If you need to dig holes for fence posts, a letterbox or even trees and shrubs, post hole digger hire can save you a lot of time as well as save your back. You might think that digging a hole is one of the most straightforward jobs there is, but there are many types of post hole diggers to choose from, some of which are only distinguished in minor ways.
One of the most important decisions to make when hiring a post hole digger is whether to go with a manual or a powered tool.

What type of ground are you digging?

For most people, the choice comes down to the type of soil they have to dig.

Loose soil can usually be handled easily with a manual post hole digger. This will save you the cost of hiring and fuelling a power tool, especially if you don't have many holes to dig.

If the ground's tough and compacted though, or you need to dig a lot of holes, you'll be grateful for the extra power of a petrol or diesel post hole digger. You can even share the labour with a two-man digger.

That's not to say a powered post hole digger can cut through anything. For extremely tough ground, you may need to hire earthmoving equipment.

What are the options?

If you're not sure which type of post hole digger you need, your equipment hire company can give you more information about the different options they have available. These may include:
  1. Traditional post hole digger – the original and simplest tool, featuring two rounded blades connected at a pivot.
  2. Split handle digger – this tool has crossed handles similar to a pair of scissors, giving it extra strength for hard, rocky soil.
  3. Boston digger – this more complex manual digger has differently sized handles and more moving parts that enable it to dig in stony ground.
  4. Double pivot digger – with an extra pivot working in the opposite direction, this manual digger specialises in creating deep, narrow holes.
  5. Post hole auger – this manual drilling tool has a T-shaped handle and works like a screw to dig up soft earth.
  6. Powered auger – if you want to dig holes faster or with less exertion, 1-man and 2-man petrol post hole diggers are efficient machines.

What are the alternatives?

If that's not exhaustive enough, post hole diggers and augers aren't the only tools that can dig round holes perfect for posts.

Another option is a fencing spade. These are narrow-bladed spades customised for digging deep, narrow holes.

If the ground's too tough for even a powered post hole digger to make it through, you could hire a skid steer with an auger or post hole digger attachment for extra force.

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