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Post Hole Shovel

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The post hole shovel is used for digging consistent diameter holes for fence posts and other garden structures. It is ideal for use on reasonably soft and loose soil unobstructed by tree roots or other obstacles. Lightweight and portable, this shovel is also perfect for shrub planting and soil sampling around the garden or at the work site. Sharp blades and strong handles for convenient rotation make post hole digging a breeze. 
Safety Boots
This product is suitable for 1-man operation. Consistent diameter holes facilitate strongly established fence posts for long-lasting, quality workmanship. The post hole shovel is portable and very handy for mass shrub planting and other digging jobs around the home or at the work site, making it popular with gardeners, handypersons and DIY experts.
Q. When to use a post hole shovel?

There are a surprisingly large number of uses. They are used everyday on golf courses for creating the right sized hole, while gardeners and landscapers can dig more consistent planting holes faster. Post hole diggers are great for fencing jobs where a power-auger isn’t required.

Q. Can a post hole digger be used on clay and rocky soil structures?

These post hole diggers are suitable for softer soil structures. They are also ideal where access by machinery isn’t possible, and in areas subject to noise restrictions. Check your soil type first and hire the right type of digger/auger for the job.

Q. What about big jobs and deep hole digging?

Coates Hire has you covered. We have a range of one and two-person operated hand-held (motorised) augers, along with mini loaders with auger attachments. You can even hire an auger extension for extra deep holes with a perfectly even circumference. 
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Post Hole Shovel