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Dewatering Pumps
Dewatering pumps available from Coates Hire are the cost-effective means of complying with health and safety standards, keeping your project on track, and providing a better experience for workers on your site. Without effective and efficient groundwater control, a worksite can run into costly and time-consuming problems.
What is a dewatering pump?
Dewatering pumps are used for removal or drainage of groundwater. They are particularly useful on construction sites and excavations for establishing foundations, shoring-up the base soil, lowering the water table, and removing excess water after heavy rains.

Coates Hire offers a range of electric and diesel wellpoint pumps and electric vacuum tankers. Unwanted water can be easily and quickly removed using powerful vacuum suction. The water can be stored in tanks, reused on-site or removed directly to a vacuum tanker truck for speedy removal and a comfortable work site.

How to use a dewatering pump?
Electric and diesel powered wellpoint pumps available from Coates Hire provide single line, dual side and perimeter dewatering solutions. Wellpoint dewatering is commonly used for shallow excavations such as pipeline trenches. Wellpoint dewatering systems are speedy to install and easy to operate.

A series of well points, established in lines or rings around an excavation, can be connected via a header pipe to the wellpoint pump. The pump action creates a vacuum in the header pipe, drawing water from the ground and discharging it away from the worksite. The Coates Hire service includes professional advice and guidance from qualified engineers familiar with dewatering solutions. Dewatering pump applications include:

  1. Removing water from foundations, pits and other excavations
  2. Use as an alternative water supply for worksite purposes
  3. Lowering the water table below the excavation level
  4. Assisting with foundation work
  5. Drying solids
How much to hire a dewatering pump?
The hire cost for dewatering pumps varies greatly according to the size of the job, the type of pump required and the pump configuration most useful at your site. Coates Hire establish partnerships with world’s best equipment manufacturers, and we pass the savings on to you. We have more than 150 Coates Hire branches Australia-wide, an unbeatable online service and experts on hand to make sure you get precisely the equipment you need.

You can even reserve equipment online so your project doesn’t miss a beat.
Contact Coates Hire in-store, online, or over the phone regarding your specific requirements and the best hire price available.
Different types of dewatering pumps?
Dewatering pumping equipment is designed to remove water from materials such as soil and sludge. Considerations for dewatering pump requirements include the project complexity, the amount of water to be removed, the rate at which liquid needs to be moved, plus the height and distance between the water source and pump.

Dewatering pump types include wellpoint dewatering, horizontal dewatering, vertical well systems and vacuum jumbo wells. Our submersible dewatering pump solutions can eliminate the need for heat treatment or digestion of solids prior to disposal or usage.

Why choose Coates Hire?
Coates Hire are Australia’s favourite equipment hire specialists. Our pumps are manufactured by world-leading dewatering pump manufacturers, and we employ a dedicated services team with the knowledge and expertise to offer cost-effective project design solutions. Our tailored approach to portable dewatering pump hire includes an appraisal of your work site and pump installation performed by licensed drillers. We can assist you in designing your dewatering system, along with supply and installation of all required equipment and components.