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What are water pump accessories used for?
Coates Hire stocks a huge range of water pumps for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Water pump accessories are designed to assist your individual project. Our fluid management systems and pumps include ground dewatering pumps, high-head pumps, silenced pumps, submersible pumps, remote monitoring systems and sewer bypass systems.

Water pump accessories for your application may include dewatering kits, stainless-steel pump outlet fittings, transfer pumps, flexbow, head works – gate valve/float switch, header manifold, jetting spear, jetting tube and wellpoints. Coates Hire industrial water pump accessories include heavy-duty equipment such as sand pumps, water cannons, and watercart filling stations. Our pump accessories are purpose-designed to sync with equipment that includes:

Ground dewatering pumps: These pumps are ideal for water management in areas below ground level, such as car parks and basements. Dewatering pump options include diesel or electric models that provide single line, dual-side, or perimeter dewatering. At Coates Hire, we provide a variety of installation options to suit your site conditions.
Silenced canopy pumps: These quiet pumps are suitable for use in residential areas. Versatile and powerful silenced canopy pumps are used for wellpointing, sewer bypass and general sumping. The lockable canopy provides additional security for a safe workplace even when you are off site.
High-Head pumps: Powerful high-head pumps include mine-specified wiring, heavy-duty skid bases, suction hose hooks and winches tailored to your specific requirements. High-Head pumps from Coates Hire will clean up the mess in no time.
Large pumps: Large pumps are designed for flood pumping and general sump pumping. Vacuum/Compressor primed and diesel driven flood pump solutions available include 300mm, 400mm and 660mm options for powerful flow. Large pump accessories available at Coates Hire include hoses, pipes and fittings designed for your specific application.
Small pumps: At Coates Hire, we supply equipment that includes air diaphragms, flex drive pumps and portable trash pumps. A small pump may be all you need to remove chemicals, slurries and sludge, combat sewerage problems, and provide trouble-free water and waste management.
Submersible pumps: Versatile submersible pump units can pump mud, sludge, sewerage, and slurry. Submersible pumps require minimal supervision and can have a float switch attached. Options include electric submersible pumps and diesel hydraulic units for areas where power is unavailable.
Sewer bypass pumps: Sewer bypass pump units, (diesel or electric), meet peak demand with high flow rates. Coates Hire options include SMS modems for monitoring effective pump operation at all times.
Water treatment solutions: Contaminated water treatment solutions include chemical dosing units, groundwater monitoring, chemically enhanced primary treatment (CEPT), filtration systems, sediment tanks, siltstoppers, solids dewatering systems and water quality monitoring.
When do you need water pump accessories?
Water pump accessories are used for tailored water pumping solutions. Every water pumping scenario is different, requiring personalised accessories to do the job properly. With the right water pump and water pump accessories on your side, you will save time and money on the job, while also creating a superior finished product. Ground water is a fact of life on many building and construction sites, making tailored Coates Hire solutions the right move for addressing the situation.

Water can be invasive, hazardous and potentially dangerous. A fast response with appropriate water pumping equipment is often essential, and Coates Hire is on hand to assist with more than
150 branches Australia-wide.
What are the types of water pump accessories?
At Coates Hire, we have dirty-water pump accessories, petrol water pump accessories, water feature pump accessories, high-pressure water pump accessories, garden water pump accessories, and water motor-pump spare parts, to name a few in-demand products. If you require a fire pump suction hose, pump outlet fittings, a pressure washer, water tank solutions, or any other type of water pump and accessories, Contact Coates Hire and we will get you sorted.

Whether you are a first-time water pump user or seasoned operator, Coates Hire water pump accessories will match your water pump equipment, so you can hire with confidence. Our collection of heavy-duty water pump accessories for large-scale projects is unmatched, and we also supply an extensive range of smaller water pump accessories for regular Australians. Water pump accessories include:

- Strainers: When pumping water, there is a chance you will also be pumping debris or sludge that can clog a water pump. A strainer will catch contaminants, allowing your water pump to continue performing to maximum capacity.
- Hose Kits: Some water pump applications require more than one hose. With appropriate fittings and the right length hose, the job can commence without stress. A useful addition to your hose kit is a discharge hose, specifically designed to draw large volumes of water away from a flooded area.
- Couplings: Connect water pumps and hoses with the right couplings or adapters to make easy work of difficult situations. Avoid time-consuming threading, twisting and other connection issues and increase efficiency at your job site.

Coates Hire equipment and machinery is in demand with major building, construction and mining operations. Our range of large-scale water pump accessories include:

- Sand Pumps : These pumps can move large amounts of dry solids quickly. Corrosion and abrasion resistant sand pumps provide an economical solution.
- Water Cannons: A powerful water cannon from Coates Hire can be used for compaction, dust suppression and irrigation. Water cannon hire can include hoses, pipes, fittings, valves and everything else you need.
- Watercart Filling Stations: Quick-fill watercarts with 150mm and 200mm stand pipes include optional remote-start operation.
Where to hire water pump accessories?

Coates Hire is the answer. We have more available hire products than anyone else, a nation-wide network of hire branches, and hire rates our competitors can’t match. At Coates Hire, we partner with major equipment and machinery brands to deliver highest-quality hire options for the best possible price.

We make the equipment hire process easy at Coates Hire. You can visit your nearest branch, contact us over the phone, and even reserve equipment online so it is ready for you when you need it. Our service includes expert assistance, equipment delivery or pick-up, and registered training courses so you and your team are up to speed with machinery and equipment use.
How much does water pump accessories hire cost?

This will naturally depend on the gear you need and the duration of hire. Fortunately, Coates Hire is your one-stop-shop with everything you will need in-stock and under one roof. We keep prices down by ensuring every item you hire is in new or as-new condition, with everything cleaned and checked prior to hire. High-quality water pumps and pump accessories at Coates Hire are custom-designed for your needs, allowing you to complete work on time and on budget.

Contact Coates Hire today for water pumps and water pump accessories, and get the job done right first time.