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What is a high head water pump?
High-Head pumps can handle more resistance by maintaining a higher column of water while still functioning at full operational capacity. Resistance factors in pumping water include the diameter of the system piping, the distance between the pump and water source, the elevation of the pump above the water surface and the number and type of fittings required. For this reason, Coates Hire provides a wide range of pump styles and pump accessories to match specific pumping requirements.

High-Head pumps are specifically designed for better performance and efficiency. A high-head pump will outperform a medium head pump. Powerful high-head pumps used in the mining industry include mine-specified wiring, heavy-duty skid bases, suction hose hooks and winches tailored to your specific requirements. High-Head pumps from Coates Hire will clean up the mess in no time.

Which pump is used for high head?

A lot of water pumps utilise high head pressure. These include heavy-duty high-head submersible pumps and dewatering pumps for wide-ranging tasks. Head is the maximum height a pump can move fluid upwards against friction loss in the system.

Naturally, a pump with greater pressure can produce more head by pumping water higher. The height of fluid in the tank will also exert a force, also called ‘head’, therefore the water in the tank will determine how far up the pipe water can be pumped. ‘Total Head’ is a calculation made using the difference between head in the vertical pipe and the level of water in the tank. Higher levels in the discharge tank will produce more head in the discharge pipe.

These are just some reasons why Coates Hire stocks a wide range of high head pumps and other high volume water pumps. If you are investigating
submersible dewatering pumps, silenced canopy pumps, sewer bypass pumps, pumps for construction sites or water treatment ideas, contact your nearest Coates Hire branch for tailored solutions.
How do you increase head height in a pump?
The simplest way to increase head height in a pump is by hiring a powerful pump that delivers more pressure. High-Head mine dewatering systems, for example, are high-head and high discharge water pumps capable of a maximum single stage head to 230m, with a single or booster pump application. These pumps have suction hose booms and winches available as well as heavy-duty skid bases and quick fill diesel couplings. Mine specified wiring and safety features with full stainless steel wet ends are also available.
What is max head pressure on a pump?
If you are not sure of your water pumping requirements, then you are likely wanting to know how much pressure the pump can output to suit your needs. So, what is head and why is it a consideration related to water pressure?

Pump head is about the vertical water pressure your pump can manage friction loss in the system. This is important to know, as your water source and pump will probably be lower than the area you are pumping to. A pump that exerts more pressure will pump water higher and therefore have a higher head. Max head pressure includes variables that are best discussed with a Coates Hire water pump expert, so you can take the guesswork out of the equation.

When to use high head water pump?
High-Head water pumps have a lot of industrial, construction and mining applications. Smaller high head pumps are also utilised for domestic purposes. Coates Hire high flow head pumps are in demand with anyone who needs fast and powerful water pumping solutions.
Where to hire high-head pumps?
The answer is Coates Hire. We specialise in the best pumps for delivering high head pressure. At Coates Hire, we have an extensive range of water pumps and dewatering pump hire accessories that will help you complete your pumping and dewatering tasks without fuss. Coates Hire partners with major manufacturers so you can have complete confidence in your water pumping solutions. Whether you are looking for mud pump hire, dewatering pump hire, submersible pump hire, sump pumps or water supply units, we have exactly what you need.

Coates Hire has strategically located more than 150 branches nation-wide, with more than one million pieces of equipment across 21 product categories. This provides us with the leverage to offer you the highest-quality equipment and machinery hire for the lowest possible price. You can visit Coates Hire in person and speak to a product expert, or
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