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How to use a small water pump?
Every type of small water pump is designed to perform in specific situations. With more available equipment options than anyone else, Coates Hire has the small water pump you require.

Air Diaphragms: Air diaphragm pumps are versatile and used in diverse industries for handling a wide variety of fluids. These pumps can be installed wherever there is a supply of compressed air. Air diaphragm pumps are portable and can be switched between operations with ease. Air diaphragm pumps are an efficient, low maintenance solution. These small water pumps can also move abrasive slurry, smaller solids and viscous fluids.
Flex Drive Pump: Flex Drive pumps are submersible units that can be powered by petrol, diesel, electric and pneumatic motors. The pump head is submerged under water so there is no priming required. Simply connect the Flex Drive shaft and outlet hose to the pump motor, and start pumping. Designed for commercial applications, this small water pump is ideal for dewatering and drainage.
Portable Trash Pump: Trash pumps at Coates Hire include a wide discharge opening. These pumps are designed for pumping large amounts of water that contain hard and soft materials such as mud, sand and sludge. Powerful and portable trash pumps are capable of processing materials and suspended particles that can clog other pumps designed for lower discharge rates.
How does a small water pump work?
A centrifugal pump uses an impeller or diaphragm to increase water pressure and flow within a sealed casing. Pressurised water is then expelled through an opening for discharge to another area. Centrifugal pumps must be filled with water or immersed in water. Positive displacement pumps don’t require submersion.

A small water pump delivers water from a source to a discharge destination. If the destination is higher that the water source, you need a pump. The difference between the water source and discharge elevation will give you an indication of the type of pump required. You will also need to know the volume of water requiring pumping and the power source to be used. Small air diaphragms, flex drive pumps and portable trash pumps can be used in spaces that can’t be accessed by larger equipment.

What are the types of water pumps available?
Coates Hire has a huge range of small water pumps, large water pumps, and dewatering systems available. We also stock a large range of pump hoses and accessories for all water pumping applications. Along with air diaphragms, flex drive pumps and portable trash pumps, Coates Hire equipment includes large high-head pumps, silenced pumps, sewer bypass pumps, water treatment equipment and remote monitoring systems.

Small diaphragm pumps are easy to operate and an excellent hire choice for moving all kinds of liquids. Flexi Drive pumps are also easy to use. Start the pump engine and the unit will immediately commence pumping water. Lightweight and portable trash pumps can handle large volumes of solids, making trash pumps ideal as sewer applications for large-scale dirty water removal.

What water pump do I need?
This will be determined by your commercial, agricultural or domestic requirements. In addition, a small water pump can be powered by compressed air, electricity, petrol or diesel. Here are some considerations prior to hiring an electric small water pump, small trash pump, submersible small water pump, flex drive pump or other portable small water pump product.

1. What is the height difference between the water pump and point of discharge?
2. Is the water source below the pump. Does the pump have to draw the water up?
3. What power supply is available?
4. Is the pump to be used for clear water or solids removal?
5. How far does the water need to be pumped?

Contact your nearest Coates Hire branch water pump specialist for more information regarding your specific small water pumping requirements.

How much is a small water pump?
Small water pump hire is the cost-effective water pumping solution, and Coates Hire has the right pump for every application. With more available water pump products than anyone else, an Australia-wide network of Coates Hire branches, and partnerships with major manufacturers, you are assured of hiring the best water pump for the lowest possible price.

You can hire a small water pump online, over the phone, or in person at your local
Coates Hire branch. You can also use our handy online system to reserve equipment so it is ready when you need it. At Coates Hire, we take the guesswork out of small pump hire, so you can get water flowing in no time.