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What are submersible pumps?
Fully submersible water pumps from Coates Hire are heavy-duty pump solutions for removing water, mud sludge and slurry. Water submersible pumps can be used as dewatering pumps, sewage pumps and basement level pumps for emergency water or sludge removal.

A submersible pump contains a fully sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. An advantage with submersible pumps is the avoidance of pump cavitation caused by elevation distance between the pump and water or slurry surface. Submersible pumps don’t require priming as the entire assembly is submerged. They are also energy-efficient.

How does a submersible pump work?
A submersible pump moves water upwards to the surface for release via a drainage pipe or hose. Water is first pulled into the pump intake where an impeller then pushes the water through a diffuser. The system converts rotary energy into kinetic energy and then into pressure energy.

Coates Hire provides a variety of submersible pump solutions. Some submersible pumps can be used to remove solids, while others are useful for liquids only. The water around a submersible pump helps to keep the motor cool, and these units should not be used out of water where they can overheat.

Coates Hire submersible pumps include
25mm and 50mm electric 240V units and larger 415V units up to 200mm for water removal. We also stock sludge/sewage pumps up to 100mm, and large diesel units with solids handling capability and no suction lift limitations. For smaller applications, a 12V submersible pump or solar submersible pump may be recommended.
Are submersible pumps safe?
The first rule to understand is that water and electricity do not mix well, so electric submersible pumps should never be used in backyard ponds or swimming pools. Quality electric submersible pumps available at Coates Hire are fully encased and sealed in a heavy-duty housing. These submerged pumps don’t allow for ventilation or a fan to keep them cool, instead relying on the surrounding liquid to maintain a manageable temperature level.

All cables and electrical circuitry are fully sealed to keep water from reaching any electrically charged parts. The cables are sheathed, usually with waterproof neoprene. Other mechanical components are mechanically crimped to create a fully waterproof seal. For these reasons, it is always advisable to procure a submersible water pump from Coates Hire. Our submersible water pumps are in as-new condition, and they are cleaned and checked prior to every hire. If it is pool pump hire or other
dewatering pump hire solutions you are looking for, we can help you with that also.
How to install a submersible pump?
Installation of a submersible pump is performed in stages that should be accurately followed for optimal pump performance. Submersible pumps can be a permanent fixture in a basement or understory, or a temporary measure to remove fluids, such as a dirty water submersible pump on a building site. Coates Hire submersible electric pumps are portable, relatively lightweight, and can be quickly set up in your desired location, as long as water levels are deep enough to entirely submerge the pump housing.

Large diesel hydraulic submersible pumps and dewatering pumps for industrial use and heavy-duty water extraction can be carried on a trailer or flatbed and placed in position. For more guidance on temporary or permanent installation of submersible pumps, speak to your nearest Coates Hire product specialist. We can also assist with pump installation for all types of submersible pump applications.

Where to hire submersible pumps?
Without needing to blow our own trumpet, the answer is Coates Hire. With 150 branch locations around Australia, more than a million pieces of equipment, and 21 equipment categories, Coates Hire has the equipment you require. When hiring from us, your dirty water submersible pump hire is supported by a team of product specialists and engineers who fully understand your project requirements.

At Coates Hire, we also offer certified training courses, such as
working near underground assets awareness trainingandoperate small plant & equipment training’. We are the hire service that empowers Australians with a can-do attitude for taking on big and small jobs. We can be contacted over the phone, in person, or online, and you can even reserve equipment so it is available for you when you need it most.
How much does submersible pump hire cost?
The cost of pump rental will naturally be determined by the type of submersible water pump you require and the duration of hire. Our range of submersible hire pumps includes heavy-duty sewage pumps and water pumps for domestic, commercial, industrial and mining applications. These units will save you time and money, while also providing peace of mind during sudden downpours or wet season drenchings.

Contact Coates Hire today for more information about submersible pumps, sump pumps, dewatering systems and other pump solutions that will keep your project on track.