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Water Treatment
Coates Hire provides the full range of water treatment units, filtration systems, and water quality monitoring systems for tracking water treatment performance in domestic and industrial situations. Water treatment processes transform wastewater or sewerage into environmentally-friendly water. Biological and chemical methods are used to treat effluent that can be discharged back into the environment without any negative impacts.
How water treatment works
There are a variety of water treatment chemical dosing systems, however, they all work to achieve the same outcome of conditioning sewerage and preventing formation of odorous emissions. The system suitable for you will be dependent on your wastewater network. Water treatment systems filter solids, grease, fat and other large objects for treatment of sewage and other contaminated water sources.

Coates Hire decentralised water treatment solutions offer on-site usability with a small footprint. Wastewater generated at a building site or in residential, commercial and industrial establishments can be transformed into treated water for safe release into the sewer system. Sewage can also be transformed into greywater suitable for watering garden plants. At Coates Hire, the options are all yours.

Why we need water treatment?
Left untreated, wastewater has an immensely negative effect on human health and the natural environment. Water is an essential resource, and wastewater can be treated in several ways for reuse via domestic septic tanks or industrial applications. Treated wastewater can be removed safely into the general sewer system without negative environmental impacts.

On-site water treatment is often an essential component of a compliant workplace that satisfies government and council regulations. Strict eco-safe wastewater treatment standards are a first-world problem, and Coates Hire provides first class solutions for removal of dangerous, disease-bearing substances and foul odours. 

What is a water treatment system?
There are many different water treatment systems for small and large-scale applications. Coates Hire has them all, and with our Australia-wide network we can service your needs wherever you are. Here are some innovative units, available in various sizes, for optimum water treatment results at your work site.

Chemical dosing unit: This unit delivers precise chemical flow rates into the fluid stream for maximum efficiency. Easy to install and requiring minimal oversight while running, this dosing unit is an effective hands-free solution for tailored water treatment results. A range of chemicals can be used depending on the application.

Chemically enhanced primary treatment (CEPT) systems: Inbuilt dosing and control systems provide automatic water treatment functionality. Physio-chemical processes allow the user to adjust pH, remove total suspended solids and control heavy metal precipitation. This is your all-in-one water treatment solution.

Media filtration systems: This system is specially designed to treat a wide-range of unwanted water contaminants. Media filtration absorbs chemicals that resist treatment through physio-chemical means, and can even remove colour and odour from water. Coates Hire medial filtration systems offer high filtration speeds that will save you time and money.

Sediment tanks: This simple but incredibly effective treatment process is the ideal solution for water containing heavy suspended solids. Unique features facilitate maximum settling time for a continuous flow of water so you can get on with your work without distraction. Bottom desludging valves make removal of sediment and waste material easy.

Siltstoppers: These handy units are available in a range of sizes to suit any application. Coates Hire Siltstoppers are specially designed to increase the settling time of sediment impacted water. Concentrated sludge is conveniently discharged via outlets at the bottom of the tank.

Solids dewatering systems: When water is treated, sludge remains behind. A solids dewatering system can transform waste into a product suitable for disposal with general site waste. Used as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a multiple treatment unit system, a solids dewatering system greatly improves on-site workplace performance.

Additional Coates Hire innovations include telemetry systems and water quality monitoring systems for remote access and real-time observation of your water treatment system’s performance. We also provide monitoring equipment for determining groundwater depths and recharge rates, allowing you to understand any effects dewatering will have on the groundwater table at your work site.

What is filtration in water treatment?
Filtration in water treatment is a method for removing suspended impurities from contaminated water sources. The water flows through filters that trap unwanted particles. For largescale wastewater treatment, water filtration is just one step of the process that can include coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, sludge drying and pH correction. Correctly treated water can even be reintroduced into the water supply system with some applications. 
How to manage water on-site?
On-site water treatment processes are just one Coates Hire strategy for managing water. Our range of equipment includes Australia’s largest water pump fleet for small and large applications. We supply ground dewatering pumps, submersible pumps, sewer bypass pumps and much more.
With the right wastewater treatment equipment and machinery on your side, courtesy of Coates Hire, it’s easy to manage water quality on-site. If you require specialist advice, speak to a Coates Hire service professional with the knowledge and experience to get your water management process underway. 

Why choose Coates hire?
Coates Hire provide an unmatched Australia-wide hire service. Our network of 150 equipment hire branches makes accessing your desired product easy, allowing you to continue working without delays. We work with project specialists and engineers who provide the best available advice and assistance, and you can even reserve water treatment equipment online so it is ready for action whenever you are.