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Sediment Tanks FEATURED EQUIPMENT - Sediment Tank 4m Sediment Tanks
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Sediment Tanks


Our sediment tanks provide a basic and quick solution for water containing heavy suspended solids. The internal baffles inside the tank are designed to provide maximum settling time for a continuous flow of water. Sediment tanks come with an inlet, an outlet and two (2) bottom desludging valves to allow for simple installation and quick and easy desludging operation. Sediment tanks can also be supplemented with chemical dosing units to enhance the settling rates, effectively reducing Total Suspended Solids (TSS). Available in 4m and 6m lengths (2.44m Wide), they are ideal for the treatment of Heavy Suspended Solids.



Sediment Tanks Specification

Sediment Tank TypeLength (m)Width (m)Height (m)Capacity (L)Dry Weight (kg)Wet Weight (kg)
4m Sediment tank4.12.229900200015000
6m Sediment Tank6.12.2215000300020000


Sediment Tank 30145
Sediment Tank 4m 30155
Sediment Tank 6m 30160


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