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Rammer Compactor 4 Stroke

Available in ACT, NSW, VIC
Code: 10875
This 4-stroke rammer compactor provides serious power for completing trench work, foundations and other jobs requiring solid compaction. Incredibly fuel efficient and easy to manoeuvre, the compactor will shave hours off any task. A professional finish requires work performed with professional equipment, and strong compaction work provides a foundation that will remain firm for decades.
Ear Protection
Steel Cap Boots
This rammer is used by builders, landscapers, tradies, small-business owners and DIY experts. There is no alternative to the appropriate rammer for establishing a solid base level. Whether laying pipes, building a pathway, repairing foundations or strengthening soil base-layers, the 4-stroke rammer compacter is up to the task.
What is a rammer compactor?

This rammer/compactor is ideal for compacting cohesive soils. The smaller rammer head size compared to a wide plate compactor gives it more punch for compaction jobs requiring force and focus and is ideal for use in poorly ventilated trenches. The corrosion proof fuel tank makes this compactor suitable for use on wide-ranging soil structures. 

How to use a rammer compactor?

This diesel engine rammer compactor has minimal emissions, compact dimensions and a noise reducing cover. Diesel power provides environmentally friendly rammer engine energy, and single-user operation is easy, facilitated by sturdy handles and upright usage. Simply guide the diesel rammer compactor into position and allow it to pound the earth into shape.

Who can use a rammer compactor?

With the right instruction and a little practice, a diesel rammer compactor is easy to use. The controls are at your fingertips, and once they are mastered you will appreciate the versatility of this machine. Use the rammer compactor in conjunction with at plate compactor and other earthworks equipment for all-round performance. 
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Rammer Compactor 4 Stroke