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Roadsaw - 450mm - With Water Tank

Code: 11230
For powerful action, a deeper cut and all-weather performance, this 450mm road saw will exceed expectations. The saw can cut to a depth of 165mm, with maximum utility for large projects. Simple to manoeuvre and operate, with various blade attachments, a 450mm road saw cuts though concrete slabs, paving, asphalt and brickwork with ease. Upright operation and with built-in water tank, this saw is designed for comfort, convenience and a superior finished product.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
This hard working road saw is built for tough demolition, repair and construction jobs. Specially designed for road sawing, the 450mm petrol-driven machine provides versatility for all manner of upright sawing jobs including landscaping work, crack chasing and repair/remediation of footpaths and other infrastructure. Road saw hire will jump-start your next short or long-term project.
Weight (kg) 135
Disc Size (mm) 450
Depth of Cut (mm) 165
What does a road saw do?

A road saw will cut through concrete, paving, asphalt and brickwork when nothing else can. These powerful machines are purpose built for repair and remediation work on roadways, footpaths and other large surfaced areas. 

How to use a road saw?

A road saw is easy to use, although it is always advisable to follow first-hand guidance from a professional when using dangerous power tools. This walk-behind road saw includes sturdy wheels, handlebar controls and a new cutting blade to ensure maximum cutting power for minimal effort. 

How deep does a road saw cut?

This road saw can cut 175mm deep, providing plenty of leverage for laying pipes and cables, or redesigning an entire area. A road saw with water tank keeps the blade cool and reduces harmful dust, so enquire today at Coates Hire regarding your road saw hire cutting requirements. 
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Roadsaw - 450mm - With Water Tank