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Roller Smooth 1.0 2.0t Double Drum

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Road base and asphalt finishing is best achieved with smooth double drum rollers. The dual drums provide superior traction and manoeuvrability, allowing the driver to achieve an evenly distributed road base. This lighter 1.0 – 2.0t drum roller is ideal for a high quality asphalt finish that is flush to the edge. With forward and reverse motion, plus a pressurised water sprinkler system, these smooth drum rollers will get the job done in style.
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Easy to operate and manoeuvre, this double drum roller is used for roadworks and other infrastructure projects. Private companies, government organisations, farmers and other landholders all build accessible and engineered roads for maintaining high quality operations. Some things never change, and smooth double drum rollers are as useful and in demand as ever.
Which type of roller is most suitable for soil compaction?

This will depend on the purpose of the surface being compacted. Smooth double drum rollers are used by construction and engineering experts carrying out large roadworks and infrastructure projects.

What is a smooth wheel roller?

Smooth wheel rollers serve different functions than rollers with spiked wheels. Smooth steel drum roller compactors have vibratory rollers that dramatically increase compaction capability on road base and other coarse materials. Smooth drum roller compaction equipment provides high performance and heavy-duty results with ease.

How does a compaction roller work?

This smooth double drum compaction roller is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre. Compaction can be performed with forward and reverse motion, and the unit includes a pressurised water system to ensure the base materials compact optimally. 
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Roller Smooth 1.0 2.0t Double Drum