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Rotary Hoe

Code: 24840
A strong 9HP Honda engine rotary hoe for turning bare land into garden beds, or turning the soil for another planting season. Powerful tine blades pull through all soil types aided by large traction-grabbing tyres and handlebar controls. With this rotary hoe or cultivator on your side, you are already half-way to a successful harvest.
Ear Protection
Steel Cap Boots
This single-person operated rotary hoe is powerful and fast, able to transform a large area of unused lawn or pasture into usable space in only an hour or two. Deep, wide tines ensure soil is turned to the appropriate depth for gardening or construction purposes. For turning a big job into an easy one, a rotary hoe, also referred to as a tiller or tilling machine is hard to beat. 
1675MM (66")
585MM (23")
710MM (28")
208 KG (460 LBS)
535MM (21")
460MM (18")
330MM (13")
1400MM (55")
660MM (30")
1050MM (41")
Q. What is a rotary hoe used for?

Rotary hoes, or rototillers are perfect to transform large areas and garden beds for planting. A rotary hoe shouldn’t be used in rocky soils as the tine blades will get damaged. It’s also advisable to hoe when the soil is quite dry. The tines can’t turn muddy ground.

Q. Are rotary hoes self-driving?

Yes, it is. Simply walk behind the rotary hoe and control speed and direction with handlebar controls. Operation is easy and a lot can be accomplished in a short time.

Q. How often should I hire a rotary hoe?

For most people, a rotary hoe or cultivator is used once or twice a year to prepare soil easily. Entire days of shovelling are saved with a rotary hoe, making hire the right option for people without room to store machinery, and those who require fast hire service backup.
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Rotary Hoe