Safe Operation of Chainsaws and Demolition (Quick Cut) Saw Training

6 – 8 hours 8am – 4pm
Min 6 – Max 10
Training course on the safe operation of chainsaws, demo saws & quick cut saws.Read more
Hard Hat
Safety Boots

Any person who uses a chainsaw and demolition (quick-cut) saw in any application. Learn how to operate chainsaws and quick cut saws in a professional and safe manner. If your job involves demo saws as well as chainsaws, this course Includes instruction on job planning, start-up checks and saw maintenance procedures.

What will be covered
  • Identify site requirements and job planning
  • Identify chainsaws and demolition saws
  • Requirements of operation
  • Pre operational checks of machines
  • Safe start up / operation / shutdown
  • Correct maintenance procedures
  • Clean up and storage

Certificate of Completion

  • Trainee Card
  • Adequate level of literacy and numeracy skills
  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Photo ID
  • Problem Solving Activities
  • Problem solving questions (written)
  • Short answer questions (written)
  • Group participation
  • Work “type” activities
  • Observation of practical skills

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Safe Operation of Chainsaws and Demo Saws