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Safety/Man Carrying Cages

Code: MAT107-4
Two and four-person forklift safety cages, also known as man-carrying cages, are heavy-duty products designed to lift and lower people. These safety man carrying cages are purpose-designed for easy attachment to a forklift or crane, depending on the cage type. Man-carrying cages create a safe elevated workspace as the smart alternative to unstable ladders and complex scaffolding. We also provide safety first aid cages used for rescuing injured persons. 
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Carrying Cage First Aid 4 Man
Craneable 2 Man Lifting Cage
Work platform safety cages are used to elevate and lower personnel and equipment. These cages facilitate efficient and productive work, ultimately saving time and money on the job while also creating a safer work site. Coates Hire forklift safety cages are manufactured to stringent Australian standards so you can have confidence in your project.
Where to hire a forklift safety cage?
Coates Hire is the answer. We have more available equipment and machinery hire products than anyone else, an Australia-wide network of hire branches, and hire prices our competitors can’t match. 

Do you need to wear a harness in a forklift cage?
Workers in a forklift truck or craneable safety cage must wear a fitted body harness. Coates Hire supports high quality products designed to improve health and safety outcomes. 

What are the safety requirements for a forklift cage?
There are several safety requirements for a forklift cage that meets Australian standards. Safe working at height includes ensuring the platform remains horizontal and centred, while the crane mast must remain vertical. For more advice and guidance, contact your local Coates Hire service professional. 
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Safety/Man Carrying Cages