Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

Our mission is to be recognised by our customers, peers and ourselves as the leader in the markets we serve and to operate injury and incident free. Coates Hire are the first and only general equipment hire company in Australia to receive accreditation across Health & Safety, Environment and Quality giving you peace of mind and better equipping you to meet your compliance requirements.


Coates Hire are the first and only general equipment hire company in Australia to receive accreditation across Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality which gives you the peace of mind that you are partnering with a reliable company that will better equip you with what you need to meet your compliance requirements.  

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dail before you dig

DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG Find our more about Dial Before You Dig. Visit

SAFETY 1st, ZERO HARM Nothing is so important that it can’t be done safely



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Protecting the underground network

Damages to utility services such as Electricity, Water, Gas and Telecommunications while excavating occur every day. These incidents are not only dangerous to workers and the general public, but can also be very costly. Interrupted services can be avoided by understanding how to obtain and read plans through Dial Before You Dig, an initiative supported by Coates Hire.

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Learn before you dig

Coates Hire offers training on Working Near Underground Assets which explains plan reading and other skills and techniques needed to locate underground services before excavating. Courses can be tailored to include your own processes or permits.

Find our more about Dial Before You Dig. Visit



We partner with you to understand what you need on your work site, then we work hard to provide you with the equipment and information you need to finish your job safely.

Maintenance, testing and the calibration of equipment is managed through Coates Hire’s Integrated Equipment Management System - Silver Service in order to ensure equipment operates safely, and abides by statutory and manufacturers’ requirements. This is also beneficial in the initial preparation of equipment for major tasks or projects. Coates Hire is committed to avoiding accidents and other unplanned occurrences that result in injuries, interruption of production, or damage to equipment or property. The Silver Service System ensures that reliable and safe equipment is always provided to the customer.



OH&S Advice

We take pride in exploring these initiatives because we want to make sure you are working safely, for yourself, your work site and the community.

Coates Hire is committed to providing you with good quality and well maintained equipment in good working order. With today’s legislation and responsibilities, all Coates Hire equipment is accompanied with the relevant safe working instructions and safety information relating to the equipment.





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