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Scissor Lift - Diesel - 10M (32.8ft) - Rough Terrain

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If a stable work platform at high elevations is a necessity for your project, a 9.7m – 10.0m scissor lift will fit the bill. The powerful diesel motor, 450kg lift capacity, 2.45m platform length and 40% gradeability make this a useful workhorse on a range of surfaces. Precise control of driving functions and platform mechanisms is a breeze, making a scissor lift the comfortable alternative to dangerous and unstable ladders and scaffolding. 
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
Scissor lifts are a familiar sight used by painters, electrical workers, builders, installation experts and all manner of tradespersons. Every worksite is different, and every professional builder can utilise scissor lift functions for performing fast and profitable work. Elevated Work Platform (EWP) training is available. 
Compact 12DX
Working height 12.06 m
Platform height 10.06 m
Lift capacity 450 kg (3 pers.)
Platform length 2.45 m
Extended platform length 3.7 m
Platform extension length 1.2 m
Platform width 1.45 m
Storage height 1.7 m
Height - stowed 2.56 m
Width 1.78 m
Length 3.17 m
Wheelbase 1.84 m
Drive speed 0.8 - 5.5 km/h
Maximum drive height 10.15 m
Gradeability 40 %
Tilt alarm 3 °
Lift / lower speed 35 s / 51 s
Turning radius - outside 3.5 m
Tyres - foam-filled 26 x 12 - 16.5
Engine Kubota, 18.5 kW (Stage 5 in EU)
Hydraulic system capacity 75 l
Weight 4 110 kg
Platform size - extended 3.7 x 1.45 m
Number of extensions 1
Ground clearance 28 cm
Lift capacity on the extension 150 kg
What is an all-terrain scissor lift?
An all-terrain scissor lift is an elevated work platform with foam filled tyres that won’t puncture. They have positive traction, and oscillating axle, high ground clearance, and the ability to function on uneven ground with gradeability up to 40%. 

Do you need a harness in a scissor lift?
Safety harnesses are not required to be worn while working on a rough terrain scissor lift unless a hazard assessment determines there is a risk of falling. However, it is advisable to wear appropriate safety gear at all times. 

Do you need a license to operate a scissor lift?
You don't requie a license to operate a scissor lift. A license is required for other elevated work platforms over 11m high. (EWP) ticket training takes less than a day to complete. Contact Coates Hire for more information.

How does an all-terrain scissor lift work?
Scissor lifts have greater lift capacity than other types of elevated work platforms. They rise vertically by diesel-driven hydraulic power, with easy to operate controls on the work platform for adjusting the platform height. Coates Hire offers a wide range of all-terrain scissor lift sizes. 
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Scissor Lift - Diesel - 10M (32.8ft) - Rough Terrain