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Scissor Lift - Diesel - 8.3M (27.2ft) - Rough Terrain

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Scissor lifts are easily distinguished from all other aerial access equipment. The accordion-like ‘scissor’ mechanism allows precise vertical elevation, and this impressive 7.6m – 9.4m diesel scissor lift will elevate you and your colleagues with ease. With a 3-person lift capacity of 565kg, and a platform length of 2.45m, there is plenty of room for workers and their tools. Working at heights can be difficult and dangerous, so taking the scissor lift alternative is a smart move for a safe workplace.
This diesel scissor lift is ideal for professional electrical, air-con and lighting installers. A scissor lift work platform also provides an ideal workspace above or beside building walls and exteriors for roof and gutter work. This scissor lift is manoeuvrable, with high ground clearance for workers on rough terrain. 

Working height 10.28 m
Platform height 8.28 m
Lift capacity 565 kg (3 pers.)
Platform length 2.45 m
Extended platform length 3.7 m
Platform extension length 1.2 m
Platform width 1.45 m
Storage height 1.59 m
Height - stowed 2.44 m
Width 1.78 m
Length 3.17 m
Wheelbase 1.84 m
Drive speed 0.8 - 5.5 km/h
Maximum drive height 8.15 m
Gradeability 40 %
Tilt alarm 3 °
Lift / lower speed 35 s / 46 s
Turning radius - outside 3.5 m
Tyres - foam-filled 26 x 12 - 16.5
Engine Kubota 18.5 kW (Stage 5 in EU)
Hydraulic system capacity 75 l
Weight            3,520 kg
Platform size - extended 3.7 x 1.45 m
Number of extensions 1
Ground clearance 28 cm
Lift capacity on the extension 150 kg
What is the Haulotte compact 10DX scissor lift?
This is a rough terrain elevated work platform (EWP) with a greater load capacity than any other type. These are the go-to work platforms for indoor and outdoor use where more platform workspace is required. Small scissor lifts can fit through standard doorways for indoor applications. 

How to start a Haulotte scissor lift?
Firstly, pull the emergency stop button, then turn the control box's key to the right. The indicators should light up, then press the starter selecter. For more instructions and key safety information, please read your Haulotte scissor lift manual. 

Are hard hats required on scissor lifts?
All workers are required to wear hard hats while working on scissor lifts or other elevated work platforms. 

Can a Haulotte scissor lift get wet?
The Haulotte scissor lift should be stored under cover and only used in dry conditions. The machine is not electrically insulated and Haulotte scissor lift parts can be damaged by water or moisture. 
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Scissor Lift - Diesel - 8.3M (27.2ft) - Rough Terrain