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Sewer Snake - Eel Electric - Rigid 240V

Available in NSW, NT, SA, TAS, VIC, QLD
Code: 32980
A professional cleaning and maintenance tool specially designed for clearing blockages in sewers and storm water pipes. The rigid cable and cutting mechanism enables the electric eel to slice through grease, leaves, roots and soil build-up. Sturdy manufacture, strong wheels and handlebar control provides portability and manoeuvrability for targeted unblocking of stubbornly resistant materials.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
An essential component of any plumbers armoury, the rigid 240V electric eel is also in demand on building and construction sites. Fast to set up and easy to operate, this powerful tool is also popular with DIY professionals and anyone else who wants to save time and money by improving drainage around the home.
What is a sewer snake?

A sewer snake is a strong, flexible or ridged cable mechanism designed to penetrate deep into water and sewer pipes for a thorough flush out. Sewer lines can become clogged by human activity, tree roots and broken pipes, making sewer snake solutions from Coates Hire the right move. 

How sturdy is a sewer snake?

At 100 feet long, this sewer snake needs to be incredibly sturdy to avoid becoming the next stuck object in the drain. Electric power energises and pulsates through the entire length of the sewer snake, allowing it to clean sewer lines and other blocked pipes with ease. 

How much does it cost to hire an electric sewer snake?

Sewer snake hire is value for money. This electric sewer snake costs only a little over $100 per day to rent a drain snake, and when you consider the hourly rates charged by professional plumbers and drainlayers, sewer snake hire makes perfect sense
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Sewer Snake - Eel Electric - Rigid 240V