When it comes to transporting heavier items there’s a bunch of options to choose from at Coates Hire. We offer ute, trailer and truck hire for jobs big and small, so what’s the difference? And which one should you hire? In this article we’ll cover all of that off, along with some more options for our most popular hire, the trailer.


First off, what do you need to move?

  • Furniture & Appliances: Moving furniture and appliances is a breeze with a trailer. Furniture dollies roll right up onto the trailer and you can haul more than you can with a ute. Trucks are helpful for big moves, but can be difficult to drive, park and handle.
  • Rubbish Removal: Loading trash in and out of your ute tray can be cumbersome and clean up can be messy. Transporting trash and the clean up after a big job is a lot easier with a utility trailer.
  • Building Supplies: Do you have projects that need to be done around the house? Pick up your own building supplies and save on delivery fees, a trailer will be able to fit a lot more in than the average ute.


As you can see above, our trailers can accommodate rubbish removal, furniture removal or any other requirements you may have. That’s why they’re one of our most hired items and a great one size fits all solution for transporting needs. The most popular trailers are our box cage and closed-in trailers - so what’s the difference, and which one should you hire?


What’s a box cage trailer?

A box cage is a highly adaptable trailer with caged walls, it can be towed behind any vehicle and is best for securing loose loads such as garden waste, while being equally able to transport commercial equipment, construction material, furniture, and anything else requiring relocation. 


We also offer a medium box cage trailer, which has high caged sides that assist by securing larger loads in place and reducing the chance of items shifting. It’s a quality all-rounder with wide-ranging building, renovation, demolition and landscaping potential, making it perfect for tradies, sub-contractors, landscapers and the like.


How much does a small box trailer weigh?

A small box trailer weighs more than a standard vehicle trailer due to the metal cage sides. This trailer can carry up to 400kg of material, so it is advisable to pull it with a suitable vehicle or 4WD if loaded to capacity.


How much is it to hire a box trailer cage?

Box trailers can be hired from $60 per day. If you are moving furniture, boxes, tools, equipment or other gear, small box trailer rental is the cost effective way to get the job done without breaking the bank. 


Now, what’s a closed in trailer?

A high, spacious, closed-in trailer is the perfect companion for moving furniture and other items, especially when you want to shield them from the rain. Featuring a tailgate ramp for safe and convenient loading and unloading, this trailer will save time and money during a big move. The heavy load bearing capacity allows the trailer to accommodate heavy items such as pianos with ease.


How much is it to hire a furniture trailer from Coates Hire?

For smaller moves and staggered moves, rental truck and furniture trailer hire will save time and money. At around $100 per day, furniture trailer hire will achieve a lot, without breaking the bank. 


Where can I hire a trailer from?

From your local Coates Hire branch, of course. We have a range of different sized trailers to help you get the job done - be it moving home, furniture, landscaping gear or garbage. Get in touch with us and we’ll be able to sort you out with the right gear for the job, from trailers to utes or trucks.


Contact Coates Hire today regarding utility trailers, car trailers and other rental truck ideas, and get moving in style.

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